Dark Souls 3 Goals

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Dark Souls 3 Goals создатель Mind Map: Dark Souls 3 Goals

1. 100% Playthrough

1.1. Collect One of Every Item/Weapon/Armor/Spell/Etc.

1.1.1. Weapons Daggers Dagger Parrying Dagger Mail Breaker Bandit's Knife Rotten Ghru Dagger Corvian Greatknife Handmaid's Dagger Scholar's Candlestick Tailbone Short Sword Brigand Twindaggers Harpe Aquamarine Dagger Murky Hand Scythe Straight Swords Shortsword Long Sword Broadsword Broken Straight Sword Astora's Straight Sword Lothric Knight Sword Barbed Straight Sword Dark Sword Cleric's Candlestick Irithyll Straight Sword Anri's Straight Sword Sunlight Straight Sword Morion Blade Lothric's Holy Sword Gotthard Twinswords Valorheart Ringed Knight Straight Sword Greatswords Bastard Sword Claymore Hollowslayer Greatsword Firelink Greatsword Black Knight Sword Flameberge Executioner's Greatsword Wolf Knight's Greatsword Wolnir's Holy Sword Greatsword of Judgment Storm Ruler Moonlight Greatsword Twin Princes' Greatsword Drakeblood Greatsword Onyx Blade Gael's Greatsword Ultra Greatswords Zweihander Greatsword Astora Greatsword Farron Greatsword Fume Ultra Greatsword Profaned Greatsword Cathedral Knight Greatsword Black Knight Greatsword Lorian's Greatsword Lothric Knight Greatsword Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords Curved Swords Crescent Moon Sword Scimitar Pontiff Knight Curved Sword Falchion Sellsword Twinblades Warden Twinblades Shotel Painting Guardian's Curved Sword Dancer's Enchanted Swords Storm Curved Sword Carthus Curved Sword Carthus Shotel Rotten Ghru Curved Sword Follower Sabre Demon's Scar Katanas Darkdrift Uchigatana Washing Pole Onikiri and Ubadachi Black Blade Chaos Blade Bloodlust Frayed Blade Curved Greatswords Murakumo Exile Greatsword Old Wolf Curved Sword Carthus Curved Greatsword Harald Curved Greatsword Piercing Swords Estoc Rapier Ricard's Rapier Crystal Sage's Rapier Irithyll Rapier Crow Quills Axes Battle Axe Hand Axe Thrall Axe Brigand Axe Dragonslayer's Axe Butcher Knife Winged Knight Twinaxess Eleonora Man Serpent Hatchet Millwood Battle Axe Greataxes Greataxe Dragonslayer Greataxe Demon's Greataxe Great Machete Yhorm's Great Machete Black Knight Greataxe Earth Seeker Hammers Club Drang Hammers Mace Morning Star Reinforced Club Heysel Pick Warpick Blacksmith Hammer Great Hammers Gargoyle Flame Hammer Great Mace Large Club Vordt's Great Hammer Morne's Great Hammer Great Wooden Hammer Great Club Smough's Great Hammer Old King's Great Hammer Pickaxe Dragon Tooth Spiked Mace Quakestone Hammer Ledo's Great Hammer Fist and Claws Caestus Demon's Fist Dark Hand Manikin Claws Crow Talons Claw Spears and Pikes Arstor's Spear Drang Twinspears Gargoyle Flame Spear Spear Tailbone Spear Pike Winged Spear Four-Pronged Plow Saint Bident Rotten Ghru Spear Partizan Yorshka's Spear Dragonslayer Spear Dragonslayer Swordspear Golden Ritual Spear Soldering Iron Lothric Knight Long Spear Greatlance Follower Javelin Lothric War Banner Ringed Knight Spear Halberds Halberd Lucerne Winged Knight Halberd Red Hilted Halberd Glaive Crescent Axe Gundyr's Halberd Black Knight Glaive Immolation Tinder Splitleaf Greatsword Crucifix of the Mad King Reapers Great Scythe Pontiff Knight Great Scythe Great Corvian Scythe Friede's Great Scythe Whips Whip Notched Whip Witch's Locks Spotted Whip Rose of Ariandel Bows Black Bow of Pharis Longbow Short Bow Dragonrider Bow Composite Bow Darkmoon Longbow White Birch Bow Greatbows Onislayer Greatbow Dragonslayer Greatbow Millwood Greatbow Crossbows Light Crossbow Knight's Crossbow Arbalest Sniper Crossbow Avelyn Heavy Crossbow Repeating Crossbow Staves Sorcerer's Staff Heretic's Staff Witchtree Branch Sage's Crystal Staff Izalith Staff Court Sorcerer's Staff Man-Grub's Staff Storyteller's Staff Mendicant's Staff Archdeacon's Great Staff Murky Longstaff Preacher's Right Arm Flames Pyromancy Flame Pyromancer's Parting Flame Talismans Talisman Saint's Talisman Sunlight Talisman Canvas Talisman White Hair Talisman Sunless Talisman Sacred Chimes Cleric's Sacred Chime Priest's Chime Crystal Chime Caitha's Chime Saint-tree Bellvine Yorshka's Chime Sacred Chime of Fillianore

1.1.2. Shields Small Shields Buckler Red and White Shield Elkhorn Round Shield Target Shield Iron Round Shield Warrior's Round Shield Hawkwood's Shield Caduceus Round Shield Crimson Parma Leather Shield Sacred Bloom Shield Small Leather Shield Llewellyn Shield Golden Falcon Shield Eastern Iron Shield Plank Shield Ghru Rotshield Standard Shields Wargod Wooden Shield Spider Shield Sunset Shield Shield of Want Silver Eagle Kite Shield Kite Shield Pierce Shield Stone Parma Spiked Shield Crest Shield Grass Crest Shield Dragon Crest Shield East-West Shield Blue Wooden Shield Knight Shield Pontiff Knight Shield Silver Knight Shield Porcine Shield Spirit Tree Crest Shield Black Knight Shield Golden Wing Crest Shield Large Leather Shield Wooden Shield Lothric Knight Shield Sunlight Shield Carthus Shield Round Shield Greatshields Black Iron Greatshield Bonewheel Shield Moaning Shield Twin Dragon Greatshield Stone Greatshield Lothric Knight Greatshield Curse Ward Greatshield Yhorm's Greatshield Greatshield of Glory Dragonslayer Greatshield Havel's Greatshield Ancient Dragon Greatshield Wolf Knight's Greatshield Cathedral Knight Greatshield

1.1.3. Armor Sets Antiquated Set Antiquated Plain Set Archdeacon Set Armor of the Sun Set Armor of Favor Set Armor of Thorns Set Alva Set Assassin Set Black Knight Set Black Hand Armor Set Black Iron Set Black Set Black Leather Set Black Witch Set Brass Set Brigand Set Catarina Set Cathedral Knight Set Chain Armor Set Cleric Set Conjurator Set Court Sorcerer Set Cornyx's Set Dancer's Set Dark Set Deacon Set Desert Pyromancer Set Deserter Set Drakeblood Armor Set Drang Armor Set Dragonscale Set Dragonslayer Set Eastern Armor Set Elite Knight Set Evangelist Set Executioner Set Exile Armor Set Fallen Knight Armor Set Faraam Armor Set Fire Keeper Set Fire Witch Set Firelink Set Follower Set Grave Warden Set Gundyr's Set Hard Leather Armor Set Havel's Set Harald Set Herald Set Iron Dragonslayer Set Jailer Set Karla's Set Knight Set Lapp's Set Leather Armor Set Leonhard's Set Lothric Knight Set Morne's Set Maiden Set Master's Set Millwood Set Mirrah Set Mirrah Chain Set Nameless Knight Set Northern Armor Set Old Sorcerer Set Ordained Set Outrider Knight Set Pale Shade Set Painting Guardian Set Prayer Set Pyromancer Set Pontiff Knight Set Ringed Knight Set Ruin Set Sellsword Set Shadow Set Shira's Set Silver Knight Set Slave Set Smough's Set Sorcerer Set Sunset Armor Set Undead Legion Set Vilhelm's Set Winged Knight Set Wolf Knight Set Worker Set Xanthous Set

1.1.4. Spells Miracles Heal Aid Heal Med Heal Great Heal Soothing Sunlight Replenishment Bountiful Light Bountiful Sunlight Caressing Tears Tears of Denial Homeward Seek Guidance Sacred Oath Force Emit Force Wrath of the Gods Lightning Spear Great Lightning Spear Sunlight Spear Lightning Stake Lightning Storm Divine Pillars of Light Blessed Weapon Lightning Blade Darkmoon Blade Magic Barrier Great Magic Barrier Dark Blade Vow of Silence Dead Again Atonement Deep Protection Gnaw Dorhys' Gnawing Lifehunt Scythe Way of White Corona Projected Heal Lightning Arrow Pyromancies Fireball Fire Orb Bursting Great Chaos Fire Orb Chaos Bed Vestiges Fire Surge Fire Whip Firestorm Chaos Storm Great Combustion Sacred Flame Profaned Flame Poison Mist Toxic Mist Acid Surge Flash Sweat Profuse Sweat Iron Flesh Power Within Carthus Beacon Carthus Flame Arc Warmth Rapport Boulder Heave Black Flame Black Fire Orb Black Serpent Floating Chaos Seething Chaos Flame Fan Sorceries Soul Arrow Great Soul Arrow Heavy Soul Arrow Great Heavy Soul Arrow Farron Dart Great Farron Dart Farron Hail Homing Soulmass Homing Crystal Soulmass Crystal Hail Soul Spear Crystal Soul Spear White Dragon Breath Soul Stream Soul Greatsword Farron Flashsword Magic Weapon Great Magic Weapon Crystal Magic Weapon Magic Shield Great Magic Shield Spook Aural Decoy Pestilent Mist Cast Light Repair Hidden Weapon Hidden Body Chameleon Twisted Wall of Light Deep Soul Great Deep Soul Affinity Dark Edge Frozen Weapon Snap Freeze Great Soul Dregs Old Moonlight

1.1.5. Rings Life Ring Sun Princess Ring Estus Ring Ashen Estus Ring Chloranthy Ring Havel's Ring Ring of Favor Prisoner's Chain Ring of Steel Protection Magic Stoneplate Ring Flame Stoneplate Ring Thunder Stoneplate Ring Dark Stoneplate Ring Speckled Stoneplate Ring Bloodbite Ring Poisonbite Ring Cursebite Ring Fleshbite Ring Knight's Ring Hunter's Ring Scholar Ring Priestess Ring Covetous Gold Serpent Ring Covetous Silver Serpent Ring Saint's Ring Deep Ring Darkmoon Ring Young Dragon Ring Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring Great Swamp Ring Witch's Ring Morne's Ring Ring of the Sun's First Born Lingering Dragoncrest Ring Sage Ring Dusk Crown Ring Leo Ring Wolf Ring Hawk Ring Hornet Ring Knight Slayer's Ring Ring of the Evil Eye Farron Ring Dragonscale Ring Horsehoof Ring Wood Grain Ring Flynn's Ring Magic Clutch Ring Lightning Clutch Ring Fire Clutch Ring Dark Clutch Ring Red Tearstone Ring Blue Tearstone Ring Lloyd's Sword Ring Lloyd's Shield Ring Carthus Milkring Carthus Bloodring Pontiff's Right Eye Pontiff's Left Eye Aldrich's Ruby Aldrich's Sapphire Silvercat Ring Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring Obscuring Ring Untrue Dark Ring Untrue White Ring Reversal Ring Skull Ring Calamity Ring Ring of Sacrifice Chillbite Ring

1.1.6. Items Key Items Dark Sigil Tower Key Small Lothric Banner Great Swamp Pyromancer Tome Lift Chamber Key Braille Divine Tome of Carim Sage's Scroll Cell Key Fire Keeper Soul Grave Key Londor Braille Divine Tome Deep Braille Divine Tome Small Doll Cinders of a Lord Carthus Pyromancy Tome Izalith Pyromancy Tome Loretta's Bone Old Cell Key Grand Archives Key Quelana Pyromancy Tome Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome Golden Scroll Braille Divine Tome of Lothric Basin of Vows Logan's Scroll Sword of Avowal Eyes of a Fire Keeper Crystal Scroll Jailbreaker's Key Jailer's Key Ring Hawkwood's Swordgrass Contraption Key Small Envoy Young Grass Dew Blood of the Dark Soul Multiplayer Items White Sign Soapstone Dried Finger Red Eye Orb Cracked Red Eye Orb Ember Black Separation Crystal Vertebrae Shackle Way of White Circlet Pale Tongue Forked Pale Tongue Wolf's Blood Swordgrass Human Dregs Proof of a Concord Kept Proof of Concord Well Kept Roster of Knights Sunlight Medal Red Sign Soapstone Filianore's Spear Ornament Consumables Ashen Estus Flask Charcoal Pine Resin Charcoal Pine Bundle Divine Blessing Estus Flask Estus Shard Undead Bone Shard Gold Pine Bundle Gold Pine Resin Green Blossom Hidden Blessing Homeward Bone Prism Stone Pale Pine Resin Rime-Blue Moss Clump Repair Powder Blooming Purple Moss Clump Purple Moss Clump Rusted Coin Rusted Gold Coin Young White Branch Purging Stone Yellow Bug Pellet Siegbrau Red Bug Pellet Human Pine Resin Seed of a Giant Tree Blue Bug Pellet Carthus Rouge Mossfruit Duel Charm Bloodred Moss Clump Budding Green Blossum Black Bug Pellet Rotten Pine Resin Church Guardian Shiv Divine Spear Fragment Ritual Spear Fragment Tools Darksign Coiled Sword Coiled Sword Fragment Hello Carving Thank You Carving Very Good Carving Help Me Carving I'm Sorry Carving Rubbish Binoculars Dragon Head Stone Twinkling Dragon Head Stone Dragon Torso Stone Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone Projectiles Alluring Skull Dung Pile Firebomb Black Firebomb Lightning Urn Thowing Knife Duel Charm Undead Hunter Charm Poison Thowing Knife Kukri Stalk Dung Pile Rope Firebomb Rope Black Firebomb Church Guardian Shiv Ammunition Standard Bolt Exploding Bolt Wood Bolt Heavy Bolt Lightning Bolt Sniper Bolt Splintering Bolt Standard Arrow Wood Arrow Fire Arrow Poison Arrow Moonlight Arrow Dark Arrow Feather Arrow Large Arrow Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow Dragonslayer Greatarrow Onislayer Greatarrow Millwood Greatarrow Souls Fading Soul Soul of a Deserted Corpse Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse Soul of a Proud Paladin Soul of an Unknown Traveler Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler Large Soul of a Proud Paladin Sovereignless Soul Soul of an Intrepid Hero Soul of a Nameless Soldier Large Soul of an Intrepid Hero Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier Soul of a Seasoned Warrior Soul of a Weary Warrior Large Soul of a Weary Warrior Soul of a Crestfallen Knight Soul of an Old Hand Large Soul of a Crestfallen Knight Soul of a Venerable Old Hand Soul of a Champion Soul of a Great Champion Boss Souls Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt Soul of the Rotted Greatwood Soul of a Crystal Sage Soul of the Blood of the Wolf Soul of Rosaria Soul of the Deacons of the Deep Soul of High Lord Wolnir Soul of the Old Demon King Soul of a Demon Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn Soul of Yhorm the Giant Soul of Aldrich Soul of the Dancer Soul of Dragonslayer Armour Soul of Consumed Oceiros Soul of Champion Gundyr Soul of the Twin Princes Soul of the Nameless King Soul of a Stray Demon Soul of the Lords Soul of Sister Friede Soul of the Demon Prince Soul of Darkeater Midir Soul of Slave Knight Gael Ore Profaned Coal Farron Coal Sage's Coal Giant's Coal Titanite Shard Large Titanite Shard Titanite Chunk Titanite Slab Twinkling Titanite Titanite Scale Fire Gem Refined Gem Transposing Kiln Heavy Gem Raw Gem Shriving Stone Crystal Gem Hollow Gem Deep Gem Blessed Gem Poison Gem Sharp Gem Chaos Gem Lightning Gem Blood Gem Simple Gem Dark Gem Ashes Greirat's Ashes Irina's Ashes Yuria's Ashes Mortician's Ashes Grave Warden's Ashes Paladin's Ashes Excrement Covered Ashes Xanthous Ashes Dreamchaser's Ashes Prisoner Chief's Ashes Dragon Chaser's Ashes Karla's Ashes Cornyx's Ashes Easterner's Ashes Patches' Ashes Hollow's Ashes Orbeck's Ashes Captain's Ashes Old Woman's Ashes

1.2. Max Estus Flask to +10

1.3. Collect All Estus Shards

2. Blind Playthrough