Bioprocess and bioseparation

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Bioprocess and bioseparation создатель Mind Map: Bioprocess and bioseparation

1. Polysaccharide : starch glycogen cellulose

2. cells yeast ,bacteria, mammalian , virus cells

3. Bioproduct of interest Upstream process : cell isolation and cultivation cell banking and culture expansion development of inoculum and media Downstram: cell mass is processed to meet the requirements

4. Bioseparation : extraction and purification of the interested product from the cells in bioreactor like :plant, animal tissues

5. Bioprocess separation : Isolation Separation purification and polishing of bioproducts

6. Bioseparation challenges : Impurities : components required for production (proteins, has cell..etc) Contamination : components which enter during production process (bacteria virus < ..etc

7. Objectives : Maximizw purity of product minimize processing time, yield loss, and cost

8. Categories based on :

8.1. Source : whole cell intracellular macromolecules extracellular products

8.2. Broad categories : Small biomolecules : primary, secondary metabolites

8.2.1. Primary metabolites : Sugar (monosaccaride, disaccharide ,polysaccharide) Organic alcohols, acids,and ketone Vitamins : C, B Amino acids Lipids

8.3. Secondary metabolites:pencilline

9. Bioproducts categories

9.1. particulates : subcellular particles, bacterial inclusion bodies..etc

9.2. Portein bioproduct classified based on conformational structure (1,2,3,4)

9.3. Polynucleotides with commercial potentials : Antisense : antisense therapy Ribozyme aptamer

10. Selected physical basis for bio separation : Density : centrifugation Size : filtration charge : electrophoresis solubility: precipitation affinity : chromatography liquid partitioning : extraction sold partitioning : adsorption hydrophobicity : HIC

11. Basic principles Material balance equilibria Flux relationship

12. Process and product quality


13. Criteria used for development and evaluating a bioseparation process

13.1. Product purity cost of production scalability reproducibility robustness