New Project

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New Project создатель Mind Map: New  Project

1. Multi-Million Dollar Project Funding

2. Exterior Materials

3. Practical Considerations

3.1. Resources

3.1.1. Budget Hiring Contractors Painters Cleaners Security Weather Specialists Materials Interior Furnishes

3.1.2. Time Time Pressure (Amabile, Hadley, & Kramer, 2002) Low Pressure = Optimal Environment Time Pressure Limits Explorations of Various Solutions Deadlines Opening Ceremony Contract Experations Ground Breaking Approval Committee Vote Time of Year Summer Workload Winter Accomidations

3.2. Regulations

3.2.1. Safety Standards Building Codes Fire Marshal Approval Handy Cap Accessibility Land Preservation and Protection

3.2.2. Limitations of the Physical Landscape

3.2.3. Public Opinion Voter Approval Traffic and Commuter Delays

3.3. Aproval Process

3.3.1. Permits Federal Approval State Approval

3.3.2. Public Need

3.3.3. Justification Defense of Project Approval Committee Agreement

3.4. Approval Committee Agreement

4. Creative Development

4.1. Creating the Space

4.1.1. Aesthetic History of the Bulding Integrity of the Space Limitations of the Space

4.1.2. Purpose for the Space What is required of the space Materials Last the Test of Time What is desired of the space Use of the Place Appearance of the Place

4.2. Personal Innovation Engine (Seelig, 2014)

4.2.1. Imagination Ability to see the 2D to 3D Ability to see the 3D to 2D Consider Many Directions Unique Features of the Space View the Space from Different Perspectives Get a sense of the Space from a ladder or a view from above See the Space in person See the Space on paper See the Space how it was when it was first created See where the Space needs to go

4.2.2. Knowledge Technology Applications Artistic Skills Techniques Drafting Skill Drawing Ability Architectural Understanding Structure Underlying Math Styles

4.2.3. Attitude Appreciation for History Desire to Renew the old {Recycle} Perseverance for the final product Environmental Conscious Blending of All the Different Perspectives Own Perspective Art Curators Contractors The Artists The Client

4.2.4. Habitat Quiet Office Morning or early evening productivity Music while draw

4.2.5. Resources Connections Vendors Contracting Firms Previous Employees Salaried Hours Accessibility to New Programs and Technology

4.2.6. Culture Struggle between practical minds and creative ones Under appreciation by non-creative employees Lack of practical considerations by creative employees Office Job Site