Module 3: Lamy, Tamar Title: Technology that will Propel

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Module 3: Lamy, Tamar Title: Technology that will Propel создатель Mind Map: Module 3: Lamy, Tamar       Title: Technology that will Propel

1. Adherence Applications (Apps) will be very beneficial in contributions to Triple Aim. Adhering to a medication is when "patients take medications as prescribed by their health care providers" (Osterberg & Blashke, 2005, p.1) on a consistent basis. An adherence application would calculate the level or degree to which a patient is sticking to the medications. This tool would be exceptionally beneficial to the pharmacutical aspect of healthcare.

2. Triple Aim is fully contributed to with the use of Adherence Applications. One goal of the Triple Aim is to have an lasting improvent in the health of all populations. The app itself is one that is accessible for the majority of populations with smart phones or tablets (Dayer, 2014, p. 2). Determining if a patient is adhering to a medication can reduce the costs of health care because through not having to refill prescriptions for medications that are not being taken. Overall, tracking the level of adherence to a medication is beneficial to the health of a population becuase it ensures that patients are taking the treatments that would have a postitve effect on their health.

3. The population of indivudals that this technology tool is marketed to is those with "chronic diseases" (Ahmed, et al., 2018, p. 1). These types of individuals have medications that they are prescribed and need to be refilled consistently. Any patient prescribed a medication would be marketed towards the use of this application.

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