2019 Objectives

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2019 Objectives создатель Mind Map: 2019 Objectives

1. Discipleship

1.1. Improve Small Group Support

1.1.1. Enlist a small group coach to keep us informed

1.1.2. Prepare small group leader document or training guide

1.2. Redefine, Enlist, and Release Disciple Makers

1.2.1. Level 1 - Invite someone to church/small group/foundations

1.2.2. Level 2 - Meet with someone regularly in person or by phone

1.2.3. Level 3 - Engage strangers in prayer/gospel/compassion

1.3. Teach Simple Discipleship Questions (Making Disciples, Ralph Moore)

1.3.1. How are you doing?

1.3.2. What is God Showing you in the Bible?

1.3.3. What are you going to do about what God has shown you?

1.3.4. How are your disciples doing in their ministries to other? Or, Who are you pouring into? How are your pouring in?

1.4. Leadership Development

1.4.1. Disciple

1.4.2. Develop

1.4.3. Deploy

2. Worship

2.1. Steve Williams

2.2. Build Multiple Worship Leaders and Teams

2.2.1. Be able to not lead on a Sunday.

2.3. Trained Sound/Media Volunteers

2.4. Host Prayer Events, Outreaches, and Focuses.

2.4.1. Dave Limmer - Concerts of Prayer

2.5. Host/Partner in Community Praise, Prayer, and Worship Events

3. Facility

3.1. Find Storage Solutions

3.2. Find Midweek access to a facility

3.2.1. Discipleship

3.2.2. Meetings and Training Events

3.2.3. Small Groups

3.2.4. Prayer Ministry

3.3. Building Fund

3.3.1. Start Raising Money for Future Building Project

3.3.2. Devise a viable and sustainable solution for a future facility

3.3.3. Enlist Prayer Support.

3.4. Gateway Service

3.4.1. Shorten Time Frame 1:10 to 1:20

3.4.2. Pray and discuss Additional Services

3.4.3. Pray and discuss Additional Locations How about a College Service @ the College?

4. Outreach

4.1. Michael Longfellow

4.2. Enlist and Train Welcome Team (Welcome Table, Greeters)

4.3. Enlist and Train Prayer Ministry Team ( w/ Lead Pastor)

4.3.1. Write Prayer Team Curriculum.

4.3.2. Prayer Team Enlisted Prayer Team Trained in post-service Prayer Ministry. Prayer Team Trained in assertive Prayer Ministry (Look for emotional people) Prayer Team Trained in extended Prayer Ministry (hour long and/or repeat)

4.4. Enlist and Train Follow up Team

4.4.1. Could these be one team, same people?

4.5. Evangelism, Healing, Connection

5. Communication

5.1. Improve Branding so that it is more consistent.

5.1.1. Ordinary Kids

5.1.2. Faith Groups or Just Groups?

5.1.3. Faith Meets (One on One)? A Meet Up?

5.2. Determine a Tiered Announcement System

5.2.1. Level 1 - Consistent with Mission and current objectives and relevant to all.

5.2.2. Level 2 - Helpful to the OF directly and relevant to all.

5.2.3. Level 3 - Helpful to OF directly but relevant to a few.

5.2.4. Level 4 - Helpful for our community (RS/GR) but not part of our mission.

5.3. Update Website

5.3.1. Add Events

5.3.2. Add Trust Jesus Graphic

5.3.3. Add Testimonies

5.3.4. Landing Page separate from Teaching pages

5.4. Devise Social Media Plan

5.4.1. Start OF Instagram Account

5.4.2. Have Hannah schedule posts

5.5. Revamp Bulletin for New Year and Website. (Simplify) (Steve)

5.5.1. Article #1

5.5.2. Article #2

5.5.3. Article #3

5.6. Develop Routine of Communicating Key OF Ideas in Sermons

5.6.1. Trust Jesus, Honor God, Help Others

5.6.2. Full Circle. Or Disciplemaker Mission

5.6.3. Invitational

6. Ministry

6.1. Student Ministry

6.1.1. Joey and Nikki Faigl

6.1.2. Coach Leaders in Discipleship from Friendship

6.1.3. Follow up with Leaders.

6.2. Ordinary Kids Ministry

6.2.1. Patty Smith and Jen Brandt

6.2.2. Brainstorm Leadership enlistment and development How to make discipleship the foundation of KC culture Mentoring into leadership

6.2.3. Create learning paths for workers and leaders. (PG, Discipletown, or OF page) What do we need to make available or create?

6.3. Marriage Ministry

6.3.1. Micheal and Kristi Maynard

6.3.2. Host Marriage Events

6.3.3. Offer Marriage Coaching

6.3.4. Launch Marriage Focused Small Groups