International Financing Institutions and Funds

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International Financing Institutions and Funds создатель Mind Map: International Financing Institutions and Funds

1. Donor: AFD, European Union, and Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

2. Investment: Anywhere

3. African Entreprise Challenge Fund

3.1. Donors: Australia DFAT, Danida, DFID, IFAD, NL MFA

3.2. Investment: Africa

4. Global Innovation Fund

4.1. Donors: Australia DFAT, DFID, Omidyar Network, Sida, USAID

4.2. Investment: Anywhere

5. Business Partnerships Programme

5.1. Donor: Austria (ADA)

5.2. Investment: Anywhere

6. Business Partnerships Platform

6.1. Donor: Australia (DFAT)

6.2. Investment: Anywhere

7. Market Development Partnerships

7.1. Donor: Denmark (Danida)

7.2. Investment: Anywhere

8. Business Partnerships

8.1. Donor: Denmark (Danida)

8.2. Investment: Anywhere

9. DeveloPPP

9.1. Donor: Germany (BMZ)

9.2. Investment: Anywhere

10. Business Partnership Facility

10.1. Donor: Luxembourg (LuxDev)

10.2. Investment: Anywhere

11. Enterprise Development for Jobs Scheme

11.1. Donor: Norway (Norad)

11.2. Investment: Anywhere

12. Innovations against Poverty

12.1. Donor: Sweden (Sida)

12.2. Investment: Cambodia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zambia

13. Public-Private Development Partnerships

13.1. Donor: Sweden (Sida)

13.2. Investment: Anywhere

14. Global Development Alliances

14.1. Donor: US (USAID)

14.2. Investment: Anywhere

15. International development funding

15.1. Investment: Anywhere

15.2. Donor: UK (DFID)

16. European Investment Bank (EIB)

16.1. Donor: EU

17. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)

17.1. Donor: World Bank

17.2. Investment: Anywhere

18. Urban Projects Finance Initiative (UPFI)

18.1. Donor: AFD, Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), European Union (UE) and European Investment Bank (EIB)

18.2. Investment: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordania

19. Cities and Climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa Initiative (CICLIA)

19.1. Investment: Cities in Sub-Saharan Africa

20. African Renewable Energy Scale-Up facility (ARE Scale Up facility)

20.1. Donor: AFD, and European Union

20.2. Investment: Africa

21. Open Aid Italia

21.1. Donor: Italy

21.2. Investment: EMAE

22. European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF)

22.1. Donor: European Union

22.2. Investment: Africa