U.S History Lessons Learned

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U.S History Lessons Learned создатель Mind Map: U.S History Lessons Learned

1. World War ll

2. Economics

2.1. Great Depression

2.1.1. When the new deal was created to fix the economic problems, it cost a lot of money and government debt increased

2.1.2. The Americans learned that taking out loans will decrease the amount of money going into stocks and cause many problems.

2.2. Women and African Americans can do a lot to help our country

3. Civil Rights: To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

3.1. Americans did nothing to save Jews, so they were still placed in camps to die.

3.1.1. World War ll

3.2. Just because someone is from the country that is the enemy, does not mean they are a threat to the country.

3.3. Civil Rights Movement- Africans Americans were able to oppress in America and obtain equality throught marches and largely brought out movements

3.4. JFK- they some what tried to avoid civil rights during his presidentcy by stoppping protest and avoiding conversations about the issues

3.5. Civil Rights black panthers; this can be a risky tactic if the force you are up against are stronger

4. Technology: How does technology impact society?

4.1. Americans learned that new technology can either help or harm the situation, so US leaders must be more careful at using new technology in war.

4.1.1. World War ll

4.2. Technology can have an impact on the type of canidate for president

5. Media: To what extent does the media influence people? To what extent does the media mirror or reflect society?

5.1. Vietnam War- The American people not in Vietnam were upset and angry at the government. Media broadcast riots and marches with angry people and bias opinions. The lesson learned here it to not give into the media. A lot of the people who saw the media were only getting information from one side of the story.

6. Foreign Relations: How have foreign entanglements influence America?

6.1. Vietnam war

7. Government: What is the role and responsibility of the American government?

7.1. the threat of people in the government involving the red scare. People threatened to overthrow the government.

7.2. The Great Society: When the govern. creates large social programs and cut taxes, government debt will increase

7.3. Vietnam War- President Nixon lied to the American people. Nobody trusted the American government. He told America that his plan of Vietnamization was successful. It was not a successful plan and the people of America knew it. The lesson learned was to tell the truth to the country to stop future conflicts. Also the government should always tell the truth so that the people know who to trust.

8. Leaders and Presidents: What makes an effective or ineffective leader?

8.1. Americans learned that taking risk is needed sometimes to create new strategies and tactics in wars.

8.1.1. World War ll

8.2. Vietnam War- Nixon made promises to the Americans when it came to his decisions on the war. When he made these promises (to create peace and order), he did not think about all the little things that went into these decisions. A lesson learned here it to make promises that you know will positively impact people. Also when you make a promise, you need to set some boundaries and rules on how your going to handle it. He involved himself in this war knowing the consequences. Moving forward, in conflicts such as war, presidents and chiefs should not make promises.

8.3. Vietnam War- The united states army was ordered to take over hamburger hill. In the process hundreds of soldiers died while trying to conquer this hill. In the end the Americans saw that the Vietnamese left the hill deserted and destroyed with no resources. The Americans left the hill a week later knowing that they made a mistake and lost hundreds of soldiers for no real reason. The lesson learned here it to think ahead and ask yourself if something is worth it. Leaders and Presidents should think ahead and prepare a plan before ordering something that could potentially kill people and not have a reason for doing it.

9. Migration: What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

9.1. Jews tried to flee Germany but because the immagration process was so hard only a small amount of Jews actually fled Germany.

10. Civil Rights Unit- JFK knew that the drama was so intense that he could not avoid it forever