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Empires создатель Mind Map: Empires

1. England Empire

1.1. Art and Education

1.1.1. little interest in 19th century for art

1.1.2. had higher education

1.1.3. educated natives from early age to adapt to British culture

1.1.4. Many paintings of war

1.2. strong government and military

1.2.1. Government run by monarchs

1.2.2. had the most powerful navy in the world

1.2.3. used prime ministers to control colonies

1.2.4. used British Indian army to defend colonies in Asia

1.3. Religion

1.3.1. Main religion is Christianity

1.3.2. sent missionaries to convert natives to Christianity

1.3.3. two factions catholic and protestant

1.3.4. forced natives to convert

1.4. Science and Technology

1.4.1. invented telegraph

1.4.2. Invented light bulb

1.4.3. discovered gravity

1.4.4. discovered DNA

1.5. Economy and trade

1.5.1. received much of their wealth from their colonies

1.5.2. brought goods back from colonies

1.5.3. sold goods to colonies

1.5.4. best shipping system

1.6. Geography and Agriculture

1.6.1. Main land is English isle in northern Europe

1.6.2. conquered most of north america

1.6.3. conquered all of Australia

1.6.4. has conquered land on all continents

1.7. Social Structure and family life

1.7.1. hard christian values

1.7.2. follow the royal family

1.7.3. follow the sabbath

1.7.4. followed religious officials

2. Inca Empire

2.1. Strong goverment and Military

2.1.1. Largest Empire In the U.S

2.1.2. High ranking Incas governed about 10 million people

2.1.3. The Incas had Kings and Queens with significant power

2.1.4. Had an organized military, each soldier had extensive training

2.2. Economy and Trade

2.2.1. Did not have money

2.2.2. Taxes were paid with crops and livestock

2.2.3. Used Quipos to keep track of transactions

2.2.4. Organized labor into 3 categories

2.3. Religion

2.3.1. Believed in multiple gods

2.3.2. Worshipped Sun and Moon as gods

2.3.3. Believed the god Viracocha created everything

2.3.4. Sun god was named Inti

2.4. Science and Tech

2.4.1. Created Quipos

2.4.2. They had stone buildings

2.4.3. Built first suspension bridge

2.4.4. Built Aqueducts for farming

2.5. Art and Eduacation

2.5.1. Upper class taught differently than everyone else

2.5.2. Upper class were taught by Amawtakunas

2.5.3. General population was taught by immediate forebears

2.5.4. Inca art was mostly metal works, ceramics, and textiles

2.6. Geography and Agriculture

2.6.1. They built irrigation canals

2.6.2. Cut terraces into hillsides

2.6.3. Incas had millions of hectares of terraces

2.6.4. They grew crops in the Andes mountains

2.7. Social structure and Family

2.7.1. Had Emperor named Sapa Inca

2.7.2. High priest named Villac umu was just behind the Emperors status

2.7.3. Public administrators were next in social structure behind nobles

2.7.4. Artisans and Farmers were at the bottom of the social structure