Introduction to ASP.NET

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Introduction to ASP.NET создатель Mind Map: Introduction to ASP.NET

1. Assignment # 1 Outcome Assessed: 1,4

2. Assignment # 2 CLO Assessed: 1,2,4

3. Use basic features Visual Studio to create beginner level ASP.NET pages coded in C# CLO # 1

3.1. Create, Save and organize visual studio files

3.2. Identify the various VS components and their purpose

3.3. Creating, debugging and publishing simple ASP.NET application

3.4. Naming conventions for all VS component files

3.5. Identify the roles of various code components and tools in the development of web based applications

4. Object Oriented Concepts in C# (CLO # 2)

4.1. Instantiate a simple class

4.2. Implement appropriate validations procedures and exception handling to develop robust applications that run smoothly

4.3. Identify code instance of encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism

4.4. Define properties, methods, functions and subroutines for a basic class

5. Developing basic application in ASP.NET & C# using basic server controls (CLO # 3)

5.1. Identify various ASP.NET server controls and their function

5.2. Explain the ASP.NET state engine

5.3. Define and manage C# data variables and data types

5.4. Demonstrate use of C# operators and functions

5.5. Validate user input

6. Implement simple control structure, iterations and collection with an ASP.NET application (CLO # 4)

6.1. Construct various conditional loop types

6.2. Explain the program control consideration for various type of loop

6.3. Create simple arrays and object collections to solve various logic problems

7. Midterm Exam (Contains multiple choice, true/false, short short answer, and mini code example/problems

8. Final Exam CLO Assessed: 1,2,3,4

9. Modules

9.1. Module 0 - Introduction to Various Web Technologies

9.1.1. Introduction to Internet

9.1.2. What is Web Server

9.1.3. What is Client & Server in Internet World

9.1.4. What is DNS

9.1.5. Introduction to HTML

9.1.6. HTTP Request Life Cycle

9.1.7. Review Quiz

9.2. Module 1 - Introduction to Visual Studio 2017

9.2.1. Working with Visual Studio 2017

9.2.2. Introduction to Visual Studio Components Code Editor Solution Explorer Output Window Control Properties Toolbox Server Explorer Data Source Source Control Explorer

9.2.3. Review Quiz

9.3. Module 2 - ASP.NET Concepts

9.3.1. Introduction to ASP.NET Validations ASP.NET Page Life Cycle Server Side Controls Fetching and Setting Control Values Introduction to Master Pages

9.3.2. Review Quiz

9.4. Module 3 - Object Oriented Programming

9.4.1. Introduction to OOP Concepts Encapsulation Inheritance Polymorphsim Concept of Overriding & Overloading Abstraction

9.4.2. Review Quiz

9.5. Module 4 - Introduction to C#

9.5.1. Introduction to C# Data Types Declare Variables Decision Statements Iterations Functions Functions with Parameters

9.5.2. Review Quiz

9.6. Module 5 - Working with Classes and Objects

9.6.1. Working with Classes and Objects Creating Properties Creating Functions Creating Objects and Setting & Fetching Values Defining methods & Sub Routines

9.6.2. Review Quiz

9.7. Module 6 - Introduction to State Management

9.7.1. Working with ASP.NET & C# Error Handling & Debugging State Management Sessions & Cookies

9.7.2. Review Quiz

9.8. Module 7 - Working with Data & Data Source Controls

9.8.1. Working with Data Connecting ASP.NET Web Application with Database (MySQL or MSSQL or MS Access) Working with Structure Query Language (SQL) Binding ASP.NET Server Controls with Database Dropdown LIst Textbox GridView Radio Button List Checkbox List TreeView List View Repeater Controls Other Useful Controls

9.8.2. Deploying ASP.NET Application Deploying to Local Machine Deploying Application to ISP

9.8.3. Review Quiz