AMURI SKI CLUB OVERALL GOAL: For the Hanmer Springs Ski Area to Operate Viably (Financially and ...

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AMURI SKI CLUB OVERALL GOAL: For the Hanmer Springs Ski Area to Operate Viably (Financially and Environmentally) in the Long Term for the Amuri Ski Club Members создатель Mind Map: AMURI SKI CLUB OVERALL GOAL:  For the Hanmer Springs Ski Area to Operate Viably (Financially and Environmentally) in the Long Term for the Amuri Ski Club Members

1. To Operate the Skifield in Winter Making Best Use Of Available Resources (snow, People, money etc)

1.1. To have adequate snow to operate

1.1.1. Management of available snow Snow farming Grooming before and during season Clearing, shovelling snow as required around buildings Clearing, shovelling snow as required around tow buildings/tow lines

1.1.2. Mitigating the effects of low snowfall Staffing based on snow predictions and conditions for the winter (weather systems etc) Services offered based on snow - snow/mountain/accommodation experiences

1.1.3. Long term planning Investigate partners? commercial? Snow Making? Historic report (pre-DOC)

1.2. To have adequate and diverse income sources to enable/fund winter operation

1.2.1. Fundraising options for one-off costs Familiarity with and apply for grants as required Run special fundraising events (Balls, sporting events, ski sale) Financial management and administration

1.2.2. Summer Operations that generate income Use of facilities (accommodation and day lodge) Income Marketing Maintenance of asset Insurance, Health and safety Development of activities that attract users Walking, MTB, horse trekking etc

1.2.3. Own backpackers as an appreciating asset with income Leasing business - reviews and inspecitions financial management of income Maintenance of asset as Landlord

1.2.4. To run winter operations at a profit Strong consistent membership Club fees in line with facilities and other clubs Admin and financial management of membership Competitive but profitable rates Pricing in line with facilities but covers annual costs (as best as can) Marketing Staff training of systems, pricing, admin, banking Functional and profitable hire partnership Income from annual visits from groups (schools, clubs, scouts etc) Build on past relationships Review/update pricing as required send out pricing and available weekends pre-season (as able) Financial management/admin of group visits

1.2.5. Special promotions

1.3. To offer quality services to members and the public

1.3.1. Safe access to the ski area Have a well maintained Road and up to date roading information for the public Have a clear standardised procedure for road assessment and recommendations for users and communication of recommendations to users Winter clearing and vehicle training and procedures Clear, maintained signage, parking and chain/passing areas Winter and summer assessment and ongoing maintenance Have transport options available for guests Partner with local providers Communicate transport options to guests and communicate with providers Visibility in Canterbury/SI (Eg Chill passes, social media)

1.3.2. Safe functioning ski area Operational field Motors and Tows operational Club Vehicles operational (e.g. groomer/tractor) Offer Quality lessons, hire and advice hiring of gear Lessons Customer Service Operationally Safe Field for staff and users Safety and operational systems reviewed and followed Staff awareness of what is happening with and on the feild Regular effective communication between all groups Competent staff and volunteers to run field safely and efficiently establish staffing requirements and recruitment goals and training Staff wellbeing

1.3.3. Safe healthy and comfortable lodge and facilities Provide clean, comfortable, friendly stay/visit for staff and guests Clean and comfortable day use and accommodation buildings Provide clean, well equipped kitchen and appropriate food Ensure safe buildings and facilities to staff and guests safe living conditions for staff/volunteers Committee to ensure safe buildings and facilities

2. To Have A Healthy Club Membership and Representative Committee to Carry Out Tasks Required to Meet the Overall Goal

2.1. To have healthy, active membership

2.1.1. Members informed of committee activities through minutes, social media, newsletters, AGM etc

2.1.2. Members participate in working bees and offer service

2.1.3. Percentage of members willing to stand on committee

2.1.4. Clear information to members about membership benefits and expectations of service to the club

2.2. To have an effective, informed committee that rotates

2.2.1. Committee familiar with and operates in line with club constitution

2.2.2. New Committee members orientated to tasks and goals of the club and sub committees

2.2.3. Committee members have access to shared resources (past/present) and knowledge

2.2.4. Committee work together with members to run the field and achieve overall goal

3. Ski Area and Associated Activities Operate in a Way that Protects Club Assets and the Environment within the DOC Consession

3.1. Protect Assets

3.1.1. Insurance as can be afforded

3.1.2. Regular assessments and maintenance of assets buildings roading backpackers Tows and Motors Vehicles - tractor and groomer

3.2. Low Enviromental Impact

3.2.1. Consider impacts when refining procedures and future planning

3.2.2. Work within the DOC concession

3.2.3. Consult with DOC when new impacts or concerns arise

3.2.4. Negotiate role of DOC vs Club (eg Roading/weed control)

4. Key:

4.1. Tows and Motors task

4.2. Finances, Treasurer and Grants

4.3. recruitment and staff management

4.4. Marketing and Membership

4.5. Health, Safety and Insurance

4.6. Buildings and Maintenance

4.7. Roading

4.8. Summer Operations

4.9. Tractor and groomer

4.10. Wood

4.11. Backpackers

4.12. DOC

4.13. Partnerships with Hanmer Business (Hanmer Adventure, 4Square, Baked goods)

4.14. Staff Training Requirements

4.15. Staff Tasks