Joy of Learning

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Joy of Learning создатель Mind Map: Joy of Learning

1. As a teacher, I think I should...

1.1. ensure that i prepare my lessons well and execute them effectively in class

1.1.1. to prepare meaningful lessons that benefit pupils e.g ML lessons on usage of idioms in compositions

1.1.2. to prepare lessons that are not only interesting but engaging and encourages active participation amongst pupils teaching strategies such as role playing, games, group discussions, etc.

1.1.3. to prepare lessons that caters to pupils' capabilities and standard of learning e.g topics related to pupils' experiences, scaffolding of topics and exam components

1.1.4. to prepare useful resources/ tools / props to equip lessons usage of ICT tools, mahjong paper for discussions, lesson templates, pictures, real items, etc.

1.2. be equipped with sufficient knowledge and pedagogical approaches

1.2.1. courses and seminars organised by various educational groups e.g usage of CCE package to equip CCE lessons in class, ICT integration in lessons, MTV, Flipped Learning

1.2.2. sharing done by school departments or cluster sharings e.g open classrooms on usage of MTV Thinking Routines, sharing on best practices

1.2.3. personal readings from various reading articles

2. Peopls say...

2.1. "The joy of learning is as indispensable in study as breathing is in running." - Simone Weil

2.2. "Learning should be a joy and full of excitement. It is life's greatest adventure; it is an illustrated excursion into the minds of the noble and the learned." - Taylor Caldwell

2.3. "From the freedom to explore comes the joy of learning. From knowledge acquired by personal initiatives arises the desire for more knowledge. And from mastery of the novel and beautiful world awaiting every child comes self-confidence." - E.O. Wilson

2.4. "When someone is taught the joy of learning, it becomes a lifelong process that never stops, a process that creates a logical individual. That is the challenge and joy of teaching." - Marva Collins

3. In my class, I have been carrying out...

3.1. ICT Integrated Lessons

3.1.1. SLS - Student Learning Space Primary 2 ML Lessons Quizzes on SK3 and Reflection on RT1

3.1.2. Edmodo Primary 2 ML Lessons Communication tool between teacher and pupils

3.2. Cooperative Learning

3.2.1. Think-Pair-Share P4 ML Lessons Discussion in pairs on idioms and then sharing answers with the class

3.2.2. Round Table P5 ML Lessons Pupils take turns to write down their ideas (Composition) on the template given

3.3. MTV Routines

3.3.1. See-Think-Wonder All levels Being used for discussion on composition pictures as part of planning

3.4. Flipped Learning

3.4.1. usage of small storybook (Cekap P4) for the P4 LA. Pupils were given an activity sheet to complete at home based on the book they read. Introduced independent learning.