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Capstone Project создатель Mind Map: Capstone Project

1. CubeSAT

1.1. Educational

1.1.1. Demonstrate abilities here on Earth Demo CubeSAT for K-12 Students

1.1.2. Creative Interactive Software

1.1.3. Full build/functionality minus launch

1.2. Technology Demonstration

1.2.1. 3D Printed CubeSAT

1.2.2. Close Range Capture

1.2.3. Meteor Shower Capture material? What can you study? Composition Frequency Radioactivity Northern Lights

1.2.4. EEG implementation RCS control Arm control Docking procedures

1.3. Launch Ready

1.3.1. If I can build it why not launch it?

1.3.2. Added difficulties Cost Launch Cost Timetable Do I need a team?

1.4. Non-Scientific Craft

1.4.1. Humanity Star

1.4.2. Orbital Reflector

1.4.3. Musk's Cherry Red Tesla

1.4.4. Sputnik Homage

1.4.5. Ground Based Interaction

1.4.6. Pyrotechnics

2. Disaster Services

2.1. Personnel Management

2.1.1. Think post-Harvey civilian response How to coordinate

2.1.2. Partnership with Red Cross Volunteer Coordination

2.1.3. Application

2.2. Drones

2.2.1. Victim Spotting Locate missing people infrared cameras

2.2.2. Terrain Mapping

2.2.3. Disaster Assesment Thermal Imaging Total picture imaging network of drones for total package

2.2.4. Communication

2.2.5. First Responders Deploy life saving devices Australian (?) PFD drone

2.2.6. AI operated?

2.2.7. Found Applications Consortiq DARTDrones Resources AED drone 4x faster than Ambulance EMS Quadcopter Warehouse DefiKopter Ambulance Drone Drones for Good FlyPulse

2.3. Disaster Prepardness

2.3.1. Predictions

3. Space

3.1. Make space more tangible on Earth

3.2. Installation Piece

3.3. Interactive Space

4. Other

4.1. Wearable Interfaces

4.2. Simple design aesthetic

4.3. Re-design of spacecraft mockups/capsules

4.4. Data Visualization

4.5. Web app development

5. EEG

5.1. Emotiv

5.1.1. affordable (~$300)

5.1.2. Good looking

5.1.3. Lots of documentation

5.2. OpenBCI

5.2.1. Highly open source

5.2.2. More Channels

5.3. What can we control with our minds?

5.3.1. Radio controlled devices

5.3.2. BB-8 Example

5.3.3. Drones

5.3.4. RC Sailboat

5.3.5. What is something that's never been done? Can we control a CubeSAT? What would we control?

5.4. Remote Communication

5.4.1. Communicating with others using your mind! Military application Astronauts on EVA

5.5. Interactive art piece

5.5.1. Color changing What else can we do to control this? Infrared Facial recognition

5.5.2. Can you think in colors?

6. Data Visualizations

6.1. Heat map of Attitudes towards the US/Trump

6.1.1. Bot to skim news sites for keywords/articles

6.1.2. Real-time based on global events

6.2. War of Words Map

7. Domains & Methods

8. Precedents

9. Questions

10. Key

11. Drones

11.1. LEO Launch Vehicle

11.1.1. Technology Demonstration launch small scale rocket from small scale drone

11.1.2. Scaled down version

11.2. Solar Powered

11.2.1. High Endurance

11.2.2. High Altitude?

11.3. Flying Wing Tech

11.3.1. Aquila (Facebook Drone)

11.3.2. B2 Bomber

12. Space Debris Cleanup