The Progressive Movement

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The Progressive Movement создатель Mind Map: The Progressive Movement

1. Muckrakers

1.1. Jacob Riis

1.1.1. Exposed the conditions of the tenements. Riis took photographs to show people how the immigrants were living.

1.2. Lewis Hine

1.2.1. Exposed the problem of child labor through photography.

1.3. Ida Tarbell

1.3.1. Exposed John D. Rockefeller's illegal deals and his monopoly through books.

1.4. Upton Sinclair

1.4.1. Sinclair exposed the conditions of the meat packing industry, and how workers were being treated and how the unsanitary the factories were. Meat Inspection Act and Pure Food and Drug Act "The Jungle" was Sinclair's book.

1.5. Ida Wells

1.5.1. Exposed racism and lynching through books.

1.6. Thomas Nast

1.6.1. Exposed corruption by drawing political cartoons. He mostly drew Boss Tweed.

2. Womens' Suffrage

2.1. Susan B. Anthony

2.1.1. A powerful speaker, who fought for womens' rights.

2.2. Alice Paul

2.2.1. Fought for womens' rights. She was arrested for "blocking traffic" at the white house. Paul was sent to the Occoquan workhouse. Hunger Strikes Force feeding.

2.2.2. Alice Paul, Womens' Rights Activist

2.3. Elizabeth Cady Stanton

2.3.1. Wrote speeches for womens' rights.

2.4. 19th Amendment

3. Theodore Roosevelt

3.1. Roosevelt

3.2. Roosevelt was known as the "trustbuster". Trusts were big groups of companies that had too much control, and needed to be broken up. Roosevelt used the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

3.2.1. Northern Security Company

3.2.2. Beef

3.2.3. Oil

3.2.4. Tobacco

3.3. Square Deal

3.4. Opened National Parks.

3.4.1. First environmental president.

4. Labor Unions

4.1. The AFL

4.1.1. Samuel Gompers

4.1.2. They pressed for higher wages, less working hours, better working conditions, and the right to collective bargaining.

4.2. Knights of Labor

4.2.1. Strikes Pullman Strike Haymarket Riot Homestead Strike

4.3. Conditions in factories were very bad- unsanitary, dangerous, and dark. The workers worked long hours for hardly any money.

4.3.1. Sweat Shops Triangle Shirtwaist Fire