Leanne's Creative History

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Leanne's Creative History создатель Mind Map: Leanne's Creative History

1. I have loved art my whole life

1.1. I have drawn as long as I can remember

1.1.1. Hopefully my son has the same passion for art as I do

1.1.2. I used to fill spiral after spiral up My nephew, Gage does the same

1.2. I love to paint

1.2.1. I hate oils

1.2.2. I love acrylics

1.2.3. I love watercolors

2. Teaching Philosophies

2.1. Collaboration with other teachers

2.1.1. Working with core subjects for integration Art leads to better retention of information taught

2.2. Creating is important to education

2.2.1. Exploration/risk taking

2.2.2. Learning more about oneself

3. Inspiration

3.1. Pattern

3.2. Vivid colors

3.3. 1920s

3.4. Artists

3.4.1. Picasso

3.4.2. O'Keeffe

3.4.3. Duchamp I wrote a paper on him at USM and it changed my world! I viewed art in a whole new light after learning more about him.

3.4.4. Warhol

3.4.5. Dali

3.4.6. Pollock

3.4.7. Van Gogh My first love in art!

4. Hobbies

4.1. When I have time...

4.1.1. Adult coloring books

4.1.2. Knitting

4.1.3. Crocheting

4.1.4. Drinking wine.

5. Education

5.1. University of Florida

5.1.1. MFA, 2018?

5.2. University of Southern Mississippi

5.2.1. BFA, 2011

5.3. Jones County Junior College

5.3.1. Associates, 2007

6. Art Teacher

6.1. Taught 3 years in TX

6.1.1. Coached cheer while teaching

6.1.2. Yearbook

6.2. Certified in Mississippi first

6.2.1. EC-12

6.3. Certified in Texas second

6.3.1. EC-12

6.4. Temporary certification in Oklahoma

6.4.1. I have not gone back to work yet. Focusing on my son and school

7. Mentors

7.1. Lacey Hinton

7.1.1. Inspired me to teach

7.2. Dr. Torres

7.2.1. Sculpture teacher

7.2.2. Pushed me to be more creative

7.3. Dr. Davis

7.3.1. Ceramics teacher

7.3.2. His creativity inspired me

8. Family

8.1. I desire to be more than I am for my family

8.2. My son is my everything and I want him to be proud of my accomplishments

9. Animals

9.1. My dog Sandy was the inspiration for my portfolio for entrance into this program

9.1.1. She passed away from lymphoma in 2016

10. Love for Books

10.1. Fantasy

10.2. Romance

10.3. Mystery

10.4. Historical