The impact of exploration of Europeans Economies

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The impact of exploration of Europeans Economies создатель Mind Map: The impact of exploration of Europeans Economies

1. How did exploration help capitalism?

1.1. Capitalism is economic system is when you put in money for products/profits.

1.2. When this happened a lot of trade whiched helped people give money to their companies.

2. How does market economy grow?

2.1. When people started having a lot of money they started to buy and sell more things.

2.2. If a product cost a lot that means there wasn't alot of items for the product and that's why it's, so expensive.

2.3. A market economy usually happens when prices are low or high because of supplies and demand.

3. What is the cottage industry?

3.1. Merchant need to have people turn fresh items into items.

3.2. This is how many products were made by doing this.

4. What is mercantilism?

4.1. Many countries thought the best way to build power was by saving money.

4.2. To do this they had to increase and decrease items that they sold or bought.

4.3. They made other places in different colonies to make more money.