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Aetherscape por Mind Map: Aetherscape

1. Planets

1.1. Earth

1.1.1. Mostly a 'trophy' world

1.1.2. Dominated by humanity, even after galatic peace

1.1.3. Supported entirely by Humanity's colonies

2. Races

2.1. Raptor Things

2.1.1. Physical Description Anthromorphic Raptors Adorned with feathers of various colors More well-off members will have more vivid colors Males and females look familiar; other species cannot tell them apart. Very light weight; often requires armored suits on a planetoid with normal gravity Claws have evolved to be able to pierce common man-made materials Typical life span is around a century

2.1.2. Technology Nest Ships Hard to detect by other races due to more 'natural' power source Unable to harness Warp Columns Uses Solar Power Armored Suits Extremely physically durable Emphasis is on maintaining structural integrity Lacks the necessary computing power for advanced software suites Designed to be very modular and comfortable to live in.

2.1.3. Culture Migrant life style Commonly hired by other societies as mercenaries When coming of age, separated from family unit and trained in a needed skill for th enest Armor will often reflect the role Well-off; mercenary work pays well and is in demand Males and females of equal role; historically was matriarchy but times have evolved

2.2. Humans

2.2.1. Culture Languages have evolved to be a hodgpodge galactic language that's easy to pick up and has been adapted through the majority of their territory Various ethnic backgrounds still exist and have evolved alongside humanity

2.2.2. Biology After countless centuries in space, biology has adapted to live more easily in space; bones and muscle fiber have become denser.

2.2.3. Technology Humanity uses a hodgepodge of technology gathered from other races They are not truely 'innovative' on their own, but exceed at blending the best of different technological styles into their own

3. Technology

3.1. Warp Columns

3.2. Hard-Light Technology

3.3. AI Singularity?

4. Magic

5. Organizations

5.1. Hand of Apollyon

5.1.1. History Rose to prominence to counter abuse of energies that were discovered Originally started out human-centric Splinter group is rumored to still be around Members are often tasked on invesitgating the paranormal to evaluate the threat to the everyman. Not especially religious; while it is welcomed, emphasis is placed on the ideology of the order, with individual deities only being frowned upon if their goals are against the Hand's.

5.1.2. Technology Leads the galaxy in hard-light technology Cathedral ships are their 'hubs'

5.1.3. Notable Members