Apollo and Daphne

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Apollo and Daphne por Mind Map: Apollo and Daphne

1. Sacrifice

1.1. Daphne is sacrificing herself for to keep being independent and to be fully herself. Her sacrifice is seen obviously here as she is turned into a Laurel Tree until the rest of time.

2. Laurel Tree

2.1. Bay laurel was used to fashion the laurel wreath of ancient Greece, a symbol of highest status.

2.2. In Roman culture, the laurel is a symbol of victory.

2.3. Laurel leaves were used to adorn people with distinctly precious and uncommon insights. The laurel leaves could only be worn by those who used their knowledge and spirituality to serve the public in beneficial ways.

3. Apollo

3.1. Apollo is the god of light and music. He is one of the most beloved gods out of the Olympians.

3.2. He falls in love with Daphne and runs after her out of lust. After she turns into a Laurel Tree he takes care of her.

4. Daphne

4.1. Daphne had an independent mind, hated the idea of love and marriage, and was a follower of Artemis (Apollo's twin sister). She refused her father's wishes of getting married and loved to hunt in the woods.

4.2. One day Daphne was hunting when she realized she was being followed by Apollo. She started to run away from him but when she noticed she could not get away she asked her father to help her. He then turned her into a Laurel Tree.

5. Chasity VS. Lust

5.1. Daphne represents chasity as she chooses to stay forever a virgin. Apollo represents lust as he continues to want Daphne and will stop at nothing until he can have her. This shows the two characteristics of human nature and how far people will go to protect it.