Apollo and Daphne in Greek Mythology

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Apollo and Daphne in Greek Mythology por Mind Map: Apollo and Daphne in Greek Mythology

1. Other myths

1.1. Poets write how Apollo turned the branch into a guitar.

1.2. Ramus erat mutari guitar.

2. Apollo's heart was crushed by what he saw.

2.1. Daphne's father, who was a god turned her into a tree to try to help her.

2.2. Illa mutare in arbore

3. He found a way to keep her forever.

3.1. Apollo said, "you will always be mine. I will give you the gift of eternal life..", and that was what he did. He made it so she would not wither. Her leaves would always be green and keep growing.

4. Love at first sight.

4.1. Apollo saw Daphne and thought she would be so beautiful if she dressed properly. She was enchantingly beautiful and Apollo thought,

5. Daphne wanted to be completely free.

5.1. Daphne liked to hunt and not be married nor have any children. Once She realized what Apollo's plan was she scream for help from her father.

5.2. Daphne clamamus pro auxilio.