WindowPlast ICT 2014

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WindowPlast ICT 2014 por Mind Map: WindowPlast ICT 2014

1. Mail & Instant messaging

1.1. Product & Provider: Datamip by

1.2. Key functionality: From anywhere and always acces to your e-mails, contacts, agenda, tasks and documents in a save way.

1.3. Business advantage

1.3.1. No costs on licenses and expansive e-mail servers

1.3.2. Particular powerfull anti-spam and anti-virus

1.3.3. Daily backup and succession

1.3.4. Suitable for Window, Mac and Linux

1.3.5. The ZIMBRA servers has good security

2. Collaboration & documents

2.1. Product & provider: T Systems by

2.2. Key functionality: creates seamless connections between all stakeholders

2.3. Business advantage

2.3.1. overcomes geographical barriers

2.3.2. overcomes technological barriers

3. Backup

3.1. Product & Provider: Datamip Online Backup by

3.2. Key functionality: a simple way to save your data on a secure way with an encrypted transaction through the internet

3.3. Business advantage

3.3.1. data is on a secure location on distance

3.3.2. confirmation of backup by e-mail

3.3.3. backup is automatically made without interrupting any processes

4. Sales & customer support and tracking

4.1. Product & Provider: Service cloud by

4.2. Key functionality: this application is to transform your customer experience and to build great customer connections with Service Cloud

4.3. Business advantage

4.3.1. Contact center

4.3.2. Self-service communities

4.3.3. Social Media

5. Telecommunication cost

5.1. Product & Provider: Gen-I by,8748,203855-1318,00.html

5.2. Key functionality

5.2.1. Solution development & Integration

5.2.2. ICT Services

5.2.3. Security Services

5.2.4. Commerce & Mobile Data Services

5.2.5. Contact Centre Services

5.3. Business advantage

5.3.1. real business benefits to customers transforming the way businesses receive IT services

6. Sales mobility

6.1. Product & Provider: SAP Cloud for sales by

6.2. Key functionality: easy sales applications that actually help you close business

6.3. Business advantage

6.3.1. quickly to integrate

6.3.2. a breeze to use

6.3.3. affordable

6.3.4. whole back-office operation

7. Training

7.1. Product & Provider: IBM Cloud Competing Training by

7.2. Key functionality: attaining a higher level of expertise to meet the demands of your business

7.3. Business advantage

7.3.1. high level of expertise

7.3.2. virtualization skills

7.3.3. high-quality materials

7.3.4. hands-on labs