Program Activities Log

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Program Activities Log por Mind Map: Program Activities Log

1. Jan.

1.1. Introduction

1.1.1. Purpose of the document

1.1.2. Short Program Objectives description

1.2. Bacolod Program

1.2.1. Management Working Tools Completed Planned HR VSI Volunteer Staff Legal Completed Planned Fundraising Planned Communication Completed Planned Finance & Accounting IGP Accounting

1.2.2. Definition Organisation Vision Leadership & Stakeholder Engagement Benefits Realisation Management Blueprint Design & Delivery Planning & Control Business Case Risk & Issue Management Quality Management

1.2.3. Projects Delgosea Peoples' Participation in Planning and Decision Making Coordination Institutional governance Inclusive urban public services Fiscal Management and Investment Planning SDC Partnership Activities SDC Process Improvement Infrastructure Rehabilitation Youth Home Ordinance NO. 566 Vista Alegre Planned

1.2.4. Program Results