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SpaceX por Mind Map: SpaceX

1. The CEO is Elon Musk

2. Falcon 1

3. Falcon 9

4. falcon Heavy

5. Starship

6. Falcon 9

6.1. The first Falcon 9 flight was on the 4 june 2010, and was announced in 2005.

6.2. This is a flight launcher which can place 10,5 T in low orbit.

6.3. This launcher and and the space cargo "Dragon" was selected by the Nasa for the COTS program. This program aims to provide some of the supply of the International Space Station "ISS".

6.4. It has 2 stages of 55 meters high compose of Merlin engine

7. Company

7.1. The company was created the may, 6, 2002

7.2. Head Quarter based in Hawthorne, California, US

7.3. There are 6000 employees

7.4. Official name is Space Exploration Technologies Corporation

8. Falcon 1

8.1. The Falcon 1 was the first launcher created by Space X, now it's out of service.

8.2. This is a light launcher which can place 650 kg in low orbit.

8.3. It has 2 stages composed of Merlin engine

9. Falcon Heavy

9.1. The Falcon Heavy was the last launcher created by Space X, his inaugural flight was the 6 febrary 2018.

9.2. This is a flight launcher which can place 63,8 T in low orbit and 26.7 T in geostationary transfer orbit (GTO)

9.3. It has the same 2 stages of the falcon 9 and 2 spare boosters

9.4. The 2 spare boosters are designs to re-land.

10. Starship

10.1. The Starship is always in design phase and it is composed of 2 parts the "starship" for the 2nd stage and the "super heavy" for the first stage.

10.2. The starship has already completed 2 flight tests, one of a static motor test and another one of 150 meters test.

10.3. The final design of the "super heavy" is composed of 37 Raptor engines, a methane engine, design for a reability on Mars

10.4. This first destination will be an inhabited mission to the Mun and the goal is Mars.