Fluffy's Dog House

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Fluffy's Dog House Door Mind Map: Fluffy's Dog House

1. Materials (person a-2)

1.1. Building Material (person a-1)

1.1.1. Buy Wood (person a)

1.1.2. Buy Nails (person a)

1.1.3. Buy Shingles (person a)

1.1.4. Buy Paint (person a)

1.2. Tools (person a-1)

1.2.1. Buy Hammer (person a)

1.2.2. Buy Saw (person a)

1.2.3. Buy Tape Measure (person a)

1.2.4. Buy Paint Brush (person a)

2. Delivered dog house (person b-11)

2.1. Truck (person a-4)

2.1.1. Rent truck (person a-1)

2.1.2. Place dog house in truck and deliver to final location (person a-3)

2.2. Ramp (person b-3)

2.2.1. purchase ramp (person b-1)

2.2.2. load doghouse into truck with ramp (person a-1)

2.2.3. unload doghouse from truck at destination (person b-1)

2.3. Dolly (person a-4)

2.3.1. purchase dolly (person a-1)

2.3.2. use dolly to load doghouse on truck (person a-1)

2.3.3. unload doghouse at destination and use the dolly to place the house at the desired location (person a-2)

3. Dog House Pieces (person a-12)

3.1. Walls (person a-3)

3.1.1. build wall frames (person a-1)

3.1.2. Build Walls (person a-2)

3.2. Roof (person b-2)

3.2.1. build roof frame (person b-2)

3.2.2. shingle roof (person b-1)

3.3. Floor (person a-4)

3.3.1. construct floor (person a-2)

3.3.2. carpet floor (person b-2)

3.4. Door (person b-3)

3.4.1. cut hole in one wall for door (person b-1)

3.4.2. install hinges (person b-1)

3.4.3. attach door to wall (person b-1)

4. Area for house (person b-7)

4.1. Flat Ground (person b-4)

4.1.1. Tamp Ground (person b-4)

4.2. Clean Area (persona-2)

4.2.1. rake ground (person a-1)

4.2.2. pick up any dangerous objects (person a-1)

4.3. Safe Place(person a-1)

4.3.1. pick safe terrain (person a-1)

5. Inside of Dog House (person b-7)

5.1. Dog Bed (person b-2)

5.1.1. Find a bed Fluffy likes (person b-2)

5.1.2. Buy the bed Fluffy liked (person b-2)

5.2. Toys (person a-2)

5.2.1. Find toys that fluffy likes (person a- 1)

5.2.2. Buy toys that Fluffy likes (person a-1)

5.3. Water Bowl (person a-2)

5.3.1. Buy a water bowl that Fluffy likes (person a-1)

5.3.2. Fill the bowl with water (person a-1)

5.4. Food Bowl (person b-1)

5.4.1. Buy a food bowl that Fluffy likes (person b-1)