Logistics and supply chain management

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Logistics and supply chain management Door Mind Map: Logistics and supply chain management

1. The longer the customers stays, the more profitable and important to your value chain he or she is

1.1. Life time value of customer= Averga transaction value*Yearly frequency of pruchase*

2. Marketing and logistics interface

2.1. Out of stock is a sin

2.1.1. Nowadays, product availability will overcome brand loyalty, even substitutes can take that client of you An empty shelf also eliminates the possibility of new clients

3. Customer value

3.1. The delivering customer value can be defined as how the quality and service are related with the spent of cost and time that means for the company.

3.1.1. Customer value=Perception of Benefits/Ownership Cost

4. New idea

4.1. Companies goal should be to achieved a 100% customer satisfaction

5. Customer needs priorities

5.1. Identify the weight that every product has in the company´s profit

5.2. Companies must be careful of selecting the options that make them more profitable rather than volume

6. The added value "halo"

6.1. The surroundings of the product add value by the improvement of areas that are most of the time underrated as service or after sale support.

7. Customer retention

8. Market driven supply chains

8.1. Identify customer needs

8.1.1. 1) Identify key components of customer service

8.1.2. 2) To establish the importance of every component

8.1.3. 3) Identify customers clusters by preferences or important aspects in the buying decision

9. Examples

9.1. It is not only the purpose to reduce costs in all ways, but to enhance the activities that add value and market share to the product

9.1.1. ZARA, the enterprise headed by Amancio Ortega has reached a competitive advantage by making a fusion in the supply chain process with the value chain. Speedy production and enhancement of adding value activities besides the cost

9.1.2. Rolls Royce achievement was the understanding of a customer need, betting against nowadays focus of marketing. The company decided to keep their customers and also provide different services that will give them a large competitive advantage and market share, even more important than what any balance sheet can say.

10. Differentiation is the key element

10.1. "People don´t buy products, they buy benefits" Theodore Levitt

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