Causes Of Globlization 3.0

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Causes Of Globlization 3.0 Door Mind Map: Causes Of Globlization 3.0

1. Offshoring

1.1. Simply means having the outsourced business functions done in another country.

1.2. Frequently, work is offshored in order to reduce labor expenses.

2. Steriods

2.1. Wireless devices in the world today have become increasing more efficient and accesisble to almost everyone.

3. Uploading

3.1. can refer to the sending of data from a local system to a remote system such as a server or another client with the intent that the remote system should store a copy of the data being transferred, or the initiation of such a process.

4. Informing

4.1. Informing gave us the ablility to search anything and everything on the world wide web.

4.1.1. Google Yahoo

5. End Of Cold War

5.1. The Fall of the Berlin Wall gave many people new oppurtunities and was the beginning of a chain of new freedoms.

5.2. It caused the end of communism and socialism in many countries, including India.

6. Internet

6.1. The Intrnent Is A Great Thing That Is Also Making Our World Flat.

6.2. The Internet Can Connect One Person To Another With The Click Of The Mouse Even If They Live Half Way Across The World

7. Supply Chain

7.1. A supply chain is the system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service.

7.2. Suppply Chain is about the way stores sell and ship goods in a specific and organized manner.

8. Outsourcing

8.1. With Outsourcing Being A Part Of Globlization Many Americans Are Affected In Many Ways.

8.1.1. When Major Companys Outsource, Americans May Lose There Jobs.

8.2. Also Major Companys Might Be Losing American Workers But They Are Saving Money By Hiring People In Other Countrys To Work For Less.

8.2.1. New node

9. Insourcing

9.1. Insourcing fits into globalization because it's outsourcing from the opposite perspective.

9.2. A company will hire experts to train people in a certain department to do more tasks.

10. Workflow Softwares

10.1. The ability for machines to task to other machines with no humans involed.