What are various types of Keywords?

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What are various types of Keywords? Door Mind Map: What are various types of Keywords?

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3. Types of Key Words After understanding the meaning and role of keywords. There are four types of keywords and these four types from a business website point of view. These four types of Keywords are - Primary Keywords Sub- Primary Keywords Secondary Keywords Sub- Secondary Keywords • Primary Keywords - Primary keywords represent your core business that means words associated with your core business. Suppose, you are a company offering services in marketing research. Think about few words that represents your core business. These words may be Marketing Research Agency Marketing Research Company Marketing Research Services and many more. These are very generic keywords and most of the other businesses might be using them. • Sub-Primary Keywords - Now we have 2nd type of keywords i.e. Sub Primary key words Sub-Primary Keywords are the extended versions of primary keywords words. Here you expand your primary keywords like Best Marketing Research Agency Best Marketing Research Company Best Marketing Research Services. • Secondary Keywords - Secondary keywords represent your product and services. To identify such keywords, make a list of the products or services of your company like in case of marketing research firms, secondary keywords may be Questionnaire design services Survey building and hosting Data collection and reporting. • Sub-Secondary Keywords - These key words represent sub categories of the products or services like Quantitative data collection Qualitative data collection Survey Hosting, are sub-categories of data collection services. I tried to give you brief idea about various types of keywords. The question is, do we always start with these categories of keywords while planning for website. Actually there is no hard and fast Rule for defining Keywords. These four categories are just indicatives in nature. It depends more upon understanding someone’s business and a type of website. For example, if there are no sub-categories of product in any case then there is no need to identify the sub secondary keywords