CCE Requirements

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CCE Requirements Door Mind Map: CCE Requirements

1. General Business Requirements

1.1. Different Levels of Access

1.2. Individual Account for each staff member

1.3. Available Online 24x7, anywhere

1.4. Availability to access remotely when required

1.5. Automation notifications and emails

1.5.1. Multiple email templates

1.5.2. Allow edit/delete/create templates

1.6. Dashboards

1.7. Ability to access reports at any time

1.8. Disaster recovery capabilities

1.9. Send surveys to clients and record their responses

1.10. Create PDF documents for merged data

1.11. Create reports and export data

1.12. Frequent upgrades

1.13. Client master data storing

1.13.1. Company Name

1.13.2. ABN

1.13.3. Contact Person

1.13.4. Contact Details Phone Email

1.13.5. Address

1.13.6. Area of focus

1.13.7. History Payment Transaction History Activity History

1.13.8. Upcoming work Unconfiremd Potential work

2. Tender Process Requirements

2.1. Current tender status

2.2. Automated workflow of tasks when tender is won/lost

2.3. Tracking of projects from tender through to completion and invoicing

2.4. Availability of historical tender data

3. Repeat Business Process Requirements

3.1. Reminders for due client surveys.

3.2. Retain previous client's information

3.2.1. Work requests

3.2.2. Purchase Orders

3.2.3. Invoices

3.3. Visibility of Current, Confirmed and Upcoming potential repeat business for scheduling

4. Project/Job Management Requirements

4.1. Project status tracking

4.2. Budget tracking

4.3. Dashboard view of the project

4.3.1. Configurable dashboards

4.4. Assign expense related to project

4.4.1. Approve expenses

4.5. Approval of completed work

5. Resource Management Requirements

5.1. Advanced People

5.1.1. Online leave approval for managers

5.1.2. Online leave application and balance review

5.1.3. Integrate with timesheets

5.2. FSM

5.2.1. Vehicle Location Tracking

5.2.2. Equipment Maintenance Notification of due appointments

5.2.3. Vehicle/Equipment/Stock related expense assigned to projects/jobs

5.3. Project Acocunting

5.3.1. Submit Approve/Reject Timesheets Logbooks Travel Allowances Bonefy Living away allowance

5.4. Inventory

5.4.1. Current WIP

5.4.2. Replenishment/Reordering Tracking

5.4.3. Delivery dockets with Job information

6. Invoice Process Requirements

6.1. Access to certain staff to create SO's (client PO's) online

6.2. Sales Order

6.3. Project

6.4. FS Order

6.5. Job Order/Kitting

6.6. Work task assignment

6.7. MYOB Advanced ERP integrates all the modules together

6.8. Expense claims

6.8.1. Expense Claim approval

6.8.2. Expense claim allocation to projects

6.9. Inter branch account reconciliation between SYDNEY and BRISBANE

6.10. Exception reports for overdue payments

6.11. Configurable credit terms

6.12. Flag clients with regular overdue payments

7. Other Informational Requirements