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Job Board Employer Door Mind Map: Job Board Employer

1. Dashboard

1.1. Team Activity

1.2. Statistics, followers

1.3. Posted Jobs & some info per job

1.4. Company profile

1.5. Why join us

1.6. Subscription plan

1.7. Community Reviews

2. Job Ad

2.1. Company Snapshot "FB, website, Dress code, industry, logo"

2.2. Apply through the website or through a link

2.3. Top drivers of attraction

2.4. Salary survey insights

2.5. Expiry date & ad status "Open, closed, archive"

2.6. Statistics per post "Total views, total applies, daily applies, progress, no. of qualified candidates, how to improve the job post

2.7. Reactivate/Re-alert to be made by the admin for fees

2.8. Option to edit the post as long as it is open

2.9. Pre-screening questions

2.10. Tips on each step of the job ad

2.11. Integration with other job boards/aggregators

3. Applicants

3.1. Automatic grading/screening by the website itself

3.2. Ability to categorize applicants into 3 categories

3.3. Candidate's CV or Website generated profile

3.4. Comments on applicants, accessible only for recruitment team

3.5. Option to message/email unlocked applicants through the website

3.6. Option to schedule interview/online test with the applicant through the website as well

3.7. Ability to filter applicants based on different criteria

3.8. Ability to move the candidate into the recruitment process till hiring, updates to be shared with them via email (Shortlisted, interviewed, offered, hired)

3.9. Ability to share applicant's CV with external parties or mention recruitment team

3.10. Move candidates to folders with access to specific people

3.11. System to recommend active candidates from the database

3.12. Ability to export candidates into excel sheet

3.13. Automated rejection messages to rejected candidates, the same with accepted ones

3.14. Invite to take test, request documents, send questionnaire

3.15. Two ways of viewing applicants, per each job post or ALL applicants regardless of their job posts like Glassdoor

3.16. Cover letter/Video bio

3.17. Applicant's Pitch

3.18. Applicant's score in different tests generated by the website

4. Talent Search/Access

4.1. Lots of filters to easily reach targeted candidates

4.2. Easily assign good candidates to folders

4.3. Easily mention/share good candidates with other users

4.4. Invite candidates to apply for any open position plus invitation tracker

4.5. Message good candidates directly with certain fees

4.6. Profile status, last update

5. Types of users

5.1. Admin can post jobs, unlock CVs and other features

5.2. Account Owner/Super User is allowed to pay online, make changes in users & type of each user/remove users

5.3. User is not allowed to access database or unlock CVs or post ads. Could be given access on some positions only

6. Live Chat

6.1. Chat with recruitment support team to answer any inquiry & provide support

7. Job Share

7.1. Ability to share the post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

8. Company Profile

8.1. Company website/Facebook/LinkedIn

8.2. Pictures that can help in employer branding

8.3. Location/Dress code/Industry

8.4. Why join us

8.5. Reviews/Rating

8.6. Allow job seekers to follow the company page so they can get updates about jobs, newsletters, etc

8.7. Brief intro/Story

9. Resource Library/Recruitment Guide

9.1. Tips on each & every step of the process and each feature

9.2. Tips on HR & recruitment topics like branding, on-boarding, interviewing

9.3. FAQs

10. Blog/Newsletter

10.1. Followers to receive all updates about jobs and newsletters as well

11. Community Reviews

11.1. Employee Reviews

11.2. Interview reviews

11.3. Request reviews