8 Best Places to Visit in Serbia

8 Best Places to Visit in Serbia. A Mind Map by Arpit Banjara.

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8 Best Places to Visit in Serbia Door Mind Map: 8 Best Places to Visit in Serbia

1. 1. Belgrade

1.1. Located at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers

1.1.1. Belgrade has a destructive past It was fought over in 115 wars and burned 44 times

1.2. Today, the city is more peaceful

1.2.1. hosting numerous events ranging book fairs to music, film and beer festivals

1.3. The Belgrade Fortress is the city‘s most famous historic site

1.3.1. with museums and churches

1.4. Top museums include

1.4.1. the National Museum with more than 400,000 exhibits

1.4.2. and the Nikola Tesla Museum with thousands of the inventors’ personal items and documents

2. 2. Prizren

2.1. Prizren may have been a capital of medieval Serbia at one time

2.1.1. but today it is part of Kosovo with its own elected officials

2.2. top attraction here is the medieval Prizren Fortress

2.2.1. that got its present look from 4-1/2 centuries of Ottoman rule

2.3. Prizren is a good walking city

2.3.1. since most everything is close together

2.4. Several churches can be found in the city center

2.4.1. with the Church of Our Lady of Ljovis most notable since it’s a magnificent example of medieval Serbian architecture

3. 3. Nis

3.1. The lively university town of Niš,

3.1.1. is a useful stopover point between Belgrade and Sofia or Skopje

3.2. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the Balkans

3.2.1. dating back to 279 BC

3.3. founder of Constantinople was Constantine the Great

3.3.1. and his memorial can be found in the city center

3.4. Also in the city center are remains of an 18th century fortress

3.4.1. built by the Turks

3.5. Unique attraction is Skull Tower built from the skulls of Serbians

3.5.1. who were decapitated by the Ottomans

3.6. Southeast of the city is Niška Banja

3.6.1. a spa that is popular for its hot water springs which help treat rheumatic disorders

4. 4. Studenica Monastery

4.1. It is located in central Serbia

4.2. Top attractions include

4.2.1. lush green grass

4.2.2. and two white marble churches Church of the King and Church of the Virgin

4.3. This 12th century monastery is best known

4.3.1. however, for its outstanding 13th and 14th century Byzantine frescoes, paintings and other ornate decorations that can be found in various churches at the monastery

4.4. Serbia and the monastery were founded by Stefan Nemanja

4.4.1. who is buried on the grounds

5. 5. Derdap National Park

5.1. China may have its Three Gorges

5.1.1. but Derdap National Park has four gorges that stretch 115 km (72 miles) through the valleys

5.2. One of the gorges Gospodin vit

5.2.1. has one of the deepest rivers in the world

5.3. These gorges combine to make Derdap gorge

5.3.1. also known as the Iron Gate because it is the southern entrance to the Carpathian Mountains

5.4. The park is located on the Danube River

5.4.1. near the imposing riverfront Golubac fortress

5.5. The park, which is home to an abundance of flora and fauna

5.5.1. is one of the most visited areas in Serbia

6. 6. Subotica

6.1. Subotica can be visited for couple of reasons

6.1.1. It has the highest Catholic population

6.1.2. and the most art nouveau buildings of anywhere else in the country

6.2. Of particular note are the city hall and the synagogue

6.2.1. both built in the early 1900s

6.3. Subotica is also known for its older buildings

6.3.1. including the Cathedral of St. Theresa of Avila built in 1797

6.4. Cafes around the main square

6.4.1. home to city hall and its blue fountain are a good place to relax

6.5. Visitors can also visit Buvljak

6.5.1. It is one of the largest flea markets in Europe

7. 7. Devil's Town

7.1. It is Located in southern Serbia

7.2. Devil’s Town is composed of more than 200 unique rock formations

7.2.1. that tower over the landscape which is spread over two valleys on the slopes of Radan Mountain in southern Serbia

7.3. Erosion is responsible for one of Serbia’s most majestic rock formations

7.3.1. Devil’s Town, which got its name from the strange rock shapes

7.4. Local legend says the rocks are members of a wedding party

7.4.1. petrified by the devil Extremely acidic water, known as Djavolja voda which also contributed to this geologic phenomenon

8. 8. Novi Sad

8.1. Novi Sad is a pretty city on the banks of the Danube River

8.1.1. home to one of the river’s best beaches

8.2. Novi Sad is most famous for

8.2.1. its annual Exit music festival held in July at Petrovaradin an old fortress that’s never been conquered

8.3. Notable buildings include

8.3.1. the old town hall located on the main square

8.3.2. Dvorac Dundjerski a well-preserved old castle

8.3.3. and Church of the Great Martyr St. George a Serbian orthodox church.

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