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Ninja Van Door Mind Map: Ninja Van


1.1. MoSCoW

1.1.1. must have Can we move forward with the project if this task is undone? – if NO, it’s a MUST

1.1.2. should have Can we move forward with the project if this task is done a bit later? – if YES, it’s a SHOULD

1.1.3. could have Can we sacrifice this task till deadline? – if YES, it’s a COULD

1.1.4. won't have Can we back to it when things go better? – if YES, it’s a WON’T

1.1.5. benefit easy to use and master bring stakeholders to consensus

1.1.6. downside can be inaccurate if there is a context shortage within the team

1.2. DoR, DoD

1.2.1. DoR Definition of ready Used for product owner what needs to be done to a product backlog item before the team can start implementing it based on INVEST principle

1.2.2. DoD Definition of done Used for software development no more work need to be done before shipping Can start empty but need to be filled up over time


1.3.1. independent stories can be started in any order

1.3.2. negotiable gather opinions from people in the team

1.3.3. value bring some value to the business

1.3.4. estimable can be estimated through user story points

1.3.5. small divide into small enough chunks of work (each US should not take more than 3-4 days to finish)

1.3.6. testable clear acceptance criteria