"Improve career guidance experience for students using artificial intelligence"

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"Improve career guidance experience for students using artificial intelligence" Door Mind Map: "Improve career guidance experience for students using artificial intelligence"

1. Artificial inteligence

1.1. What ?

1.1.1. Definition of Artificial Intelligence optimization of the solution clear evidence AI is transforming our world radically: It's a revolution of deep learning. "AI exists to free us from routine work and remind us of what makes us human beings. " “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines that have the ability to achieve goals like humans do”.

1.1.2. Impacts on Employement Human Resources Work force Hiring algorithms Virtual career coaching Data mining

1.2. AI in education

1.2.1. New ways of teaching Robot teachers Replacing human teachers Assisting huma teachers

1.2.2. Learning differently Tailored learning pltaforms Duolingo ROYBI robot Personal data Chatbot

1.2.3. IA as trainer available 24/7 unbiased and neutral point of view no familial pressure no social pressure trust in decision system that adapts to student profil marchine learning

2. Target

2.1. Students

2.1.1. Types of schools University Private schools Public schools All domains ( management, politics, art, science, etc..)

2.1.2. Field Applied and formal sciences Social sciences Humanities Theoloty Philosophy Law Languages and literature History Performing and visual arts Work experience Internship Apprenticeship Study training program Full time / Part time jobs

2.1.3. Types of Students Secondary education High school Higher education Bachelor Master Ph. D International Students New skills International features

3. Career guidance

3.1. How to do appropriate choises ?

3.1.1. Personal quizz

3.1.2. Appoitment guidance counselor

3.1.3. Courses, seminars, conferences

3.1.4. Career counselling Conventional career guidance Career centers Problems Automation of career guidance Importance of counselling

3.1.5. Vocation Hobbies Turn your hobby into your job Self-assessment tools Values Interests Personality Aptitude

3.2. Determine what drives you: services that help people successfully manage their career development.

3.2.1. Extrinsic rewards Pay Bonus Fringe benefits Company car Free health insurance Employee discount scheme Pension plan Child care Subsidized meals Improved working conditions Comfortable furniture Air-conditioned rooms Ultramodern computers Promotion Profit sharing

3.2.2. human development

3.2.3. individual's work identity

3.2.4. comprehensive, developmental program

3.2.5. To assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and professional choices.

3.2.6. New opportunities for students buy giving hope and new ideas to loss student

3.2.7. Intrinsic rewards Sense of achievement Words of praise From superiors From coworkers From peers Recognition Pride Autonomy

3.3. education and career guidance

3.3.1. Place of teachers in student career guidance New way of teaching to take into consideration

3.4. Career decisions

3.4.1. Personality Holland codes A theory of careers and vocational choice based upon personality types

3.4.2. Experience Previous work experience Positive Negative different type of previous work ( internship/ full time or part time job etc..) professional orientation build our professional project ( Vincent Chabault use of social networks

3.4.3. Cultural background Ethnicity Race Socioeconomic status Gender Language Sexual orientation Religion Geographical area Family

3.4.4. Financial aspect

4. Connection : How AI can improve the individual work and human developpment of Student career guidance ?

4.1. Building career thanks to AI

4.1.1. planning techniques to recommend learning opportunities for career development. achieving a specific career goal Treatment of uncertainty over the effects of learning interventions Providing effective career advice to any students with customization.

4.1.2. Improving access and success in decision Example : survey on 30 undergraduates: 81% students agreed that the predicted performance values reflect a true picture of their actual capabilities. monitoring and tracking students carriers

4.1.3. Recommending Career Plans Guidance in the selection of appropriate career paths and elective subjects. alternatives and options students can take in order to mitigate the risk certainty levels for each career path proposed clear explanation about the advice provided by means of reports rich interaction capability

4.1.4. Advices on the subject areas a student should improve if the performance is not up to the required standard.

4.1.5. Building career thanks to AI New node

4.2. Ideas of projects

4.2.1. Virtual career guidance coach

4.2.2. a connected career guidance bubble