Mother Earth

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Mother Earth Door Mind Map: Mother Earth

1. Climate Change

1.1. Effects

1.1.1. Rise in Temperature

1.1.2. Fueling Cyclones and Floods

1.1.3. Tsunamis

1.1.4. Imbalance in the Eco-System

1.1.5. Other Fatal Consequences

1.2. Causes

1.2.1. Internal Man-made causes Emissison of Greenhouse Gases Pollution Improper regulation of Industries Use of Fossil Fuels

1.2.2. Internal natural causes Volcanic Eruptions

1.2.3. External causes Solar Activity Earth's Orbital Motion Meteorites

2. The Planet

2.1. Spheres

2.1.1. Atmosphere Troposphere Stratosphere Mesosphere Thermosphere

2.1.2. Lithosphere Sedimentary rocks Igneous rocks

2.1.3. Hydrosphere Oceans Glaciers Inland Water bodies

2.1.4. Biosphere Terrestrial Aquatic

2.2. Inner layers of Earth

2.2.1. Crust Continental Oceanic

2.2.2. Upper Mantle

2.2.3. Lower Mantle

2.2.4. Outer Core

2.2.5. Inner Core

3. Environment and Life

3.1. Pollution

3.1.1. Nuclear Cancer Genetical Disorders

3.1.2. Noise Ear Pain and Hearing Disabilities

3.1.3. Air Asthma Lung Cancer Ozone Depletion Exposure to UV Radiations Acid Rain

3.1.4. Land Soil Erosion Soil Degradation Scarcity of Farmlands

3.1.5. Water Water-borne diseases Extinction of Aquatic Life Lack of Drinkable Water Deoxygenation and Acidification Coral Bleaching

3.2. Eco-Systems

3.2.1. Abiotic Non-Living things Sand Water Air

3.2.2. Biotic Living things Humans Insects Animals Soil

4. Solutions to Climate Change

4.1. Understanding Energy

4.1.1. Types of Energy Renewable Energy Solar Energy Wind Energy Hydel Energy Non-Renewable Energy Coal Crude Oil Natural Gas Nuclear Energy

4.2. Human Efforts

4.2.1. Singular Effort Use Electricity judiciously Switch to renewable sources gradually Nurture nature Elliminate water wastage Rainwater harvesting Reduce fuel consumption Say No to Plastic

4.2.2. Group Effort Carpooling Use of Public transportation Clean and Green Energy Promote Afforestation Waste Management

4.3. Communication Activities

4.3.1. Debates Technological Transfer between countries IPCC Talk among different countries

4.3.2. Presentations Awareness Posters Interviews with Elders Calculating Carbon Footprints