Exxon Mobil

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Exxon Mobil Door Mind Map: Exxon Mobil

1. Steven A. Kandarian

1.1. AECOM

1.1.1. Michael S. Burke KPMG, Western Area Managing Partner

1.1.2. Clarence T. Schmidtz KPMG, National Managing Partner

2. Douglas R. Oberhelman

2.1. Bombardier

2.1.1. Vikram Pandit Morgan Stanley, Managing Director & Head of WW Institutionals Securities

2.1.2. Martha Finn Brooks Cummins, VP

3. Samuel J. Palmisano

3.1. Microsoft Board Connection

3.1.1. John W. Thompson Worked together at IBM

3.2. American Express

3.2.1. Stephen J. Squeri American Express, Current CEO

3.2.2. Charlene Barshefsky American Express (mutual board only)

3.2.3. John J. Brennan American Express (mutual board only)

3.2.4. Peter Chernin American Express (mutual board only)

3.2.5. Ralph de la Vega AT&T, Vice Chairman & CEO

3.2.6. Anne L. Lauvergeon American Express (mutual board only)

3.2.7. Michael O. Leavitt U S Dept of Health and Human Services, Administrator of the Agency (under George W Bush cabinet)

3.2.8. Theodore J. Leonsis American Express (mutual board only)

3.2.9. Daniel L. Vasella American Express (mutual board only)

3.2.10. Ronald A. Williams Aetna, Former CEO

3.2.11. Christopher D. Young Intel

4. Steven S. Reinemund

4.1. GS Acquisitions Holding Corp

4.1.1. David M. Cote Goldman & Sachs Acquisition Holdings Corp , Current CEO

4.1.2. Raanan A. Agus Goldman & Sachs, Managing Director and Co-Head of Portfolio Management

4.1.3. Roger Fradin Honeywell, President & CEO of Pittway Corporation (acquired by Honeywell)

4.1.4. James Albaugh The Boeing Company, CEO

4.2. Marriott International

4.2.1. Mary K. Bush Citigroup, Global Banking Manager

4.2.2. Frederick A. "Fritz" Henderson General Motors, President & CEO

4.2.3. Lawrence W. Kellner The Boeing Company (mutual board only)

4.2.4. Alywim B. Lewis The Walt Disney Company (mutual board only)

4.2.5. Margaret M. McCarthy CVS Healthcare Corp, EVP

4.2.6. Susan C. Schwab The Boeing Company (mutual board only)

4.3. Walmart

4.3.1. Gregory B. Penner Walmart, SVP and CFO - Japan

4.3.2. Stephen J. Easterbrook McDonalds, CEO

4.3.3. Timothy P. Flynn JPMorgan Chase (mutual board only)

4.3.4. Sarah Friar Goldman & Sachs, Managing Director - Equity Research

4.3.5. Carla A. Harris Morgan Stanley, Vice Chair of Wealth Management and Senior Client Advisor

4.3.6. Tom Horton American Airlines, CEO of AMR corp until it merged with AA

4.3.7. Marissa A. Mayer Walmart (mutual board only)

4.3.8. Doug McMillon Walmart, Current CEO

4.3.9. S. Robson 'Rob' Walton Walmart, Chairman

4.3.10. Steuart Walton Walmart (mutual board only)

4.4. Chik-Fil-A

4.4.1. Cheryl Bachelder Procter & Gamble, Adviser to franchising

4.4.2. Michael T. Duke Walmart, CEO

4.5. Microsoft Board Connection

4.5.1. Hugh Johnson Worked together at Pepsi

4.5.2. Arne M. Sorenson Worked together at Walmart/Marriott International

5. William C. Weldon

5.1. CVS Health

5.1.1. Fernando Aguirre Procter & Gamble, General Manager

5.1.2. Mark T. Bertolini Aetna, CEO

5.1.3. C. David Brown II CVS Health (mutual board only)

5.1.4. Richard M. Bracken CVS Health (mutual board only)

5.1.5. Alecia A. DeCoudreaux Eli Lilly and Company, VP and General Counsel

5.1.6. Nancy-Ann M. DeParle JPMorgan Chase, Senior Advisor

5.1.7. David W. Dorman AT&T, CEO

5.1.8. Roger N. Farrah Macy's Department Stores, CEO

5.1.9. Anne M. Fiucane Bank of America (mutual board only)

5.1.10. Edward J. Ludwig Becton Dickinson and Company, Executive Chairman

5.1.11. Larry J. Merlo CVS Health, Current CEO

5.1.12. Jean-Pierre Millon CVS Health (mutual board only)

5.1.13. Mary L. Schapiro Morgan Stanley (mutual board only)

5.1.14. Richard J. Swift CVS Health (mutual board only)

5.1.15. Tony L. White CVS Health (mutual board only)

5.2. HeartFlow

5.2.1. Jeffrey C. Lightcap Merrill Lynch, Managing Director

5.2.2. Kent Walker U S Department of Justice, Assistance US Attorney

5.3. Microsoft Board Connection

5.3.1. Sandra E. Peterson Worked together at Johnson & Johnson

6. Susan K. Avery

6.1. (no additional board connections)

7. Angela F. Braly

7.1. Brookfield Asset Management

7.1.1. M. Elyse Allan, C.M. General Electric , CEO

7.1.2. Maureen Kempston Darkes, O.C., O.Ont. General Motors Company, Group VP, President LatAm

7.2. Lowes Companies

7.2.1. Raul Alvarez Lowes Companies (mutual board only)

7.2.2. David H. Batchelder Lowes Companies (mutual board only)

7.2.3. Sandra B. Cochran Lowes Companies (mutual board only)

7.2.4. Richard W. Dreiling Lowes Companies (mutual board only)

7.2.5. James H. Morgan Lowes Companies (mutual board only)

7.2.6. Brian C. Rogers Lowes Companies (mutual board only)

7.2.7. Eric C. Wiseman Lowes Companies (mutual board only)

7.2.8. Laurie Z. Douglas Federal Express Corporation , SVP & CIO

7.2.9. Marvin R. Ellison Lowes Companies, Current CEO

7.2.10. Bertram L. Scott Becton Dickinson and Company (mutual board only)

7.2.11. Lisa W. Wardell Accenture, Senior Consultant

7.3. Procter and Gamble

7.3.1. Francis S. Blake Macy's Department Stores (mutual board only)

7.3.2. Amy L. Chang Cisco, SVP

7.3.3. Scott D. Cook Procter and Gamble (mutual board only)

7.3.4. Joseph Jimenez General Motors (mutual board only)

7.3.5. Terry J. Lundgren Macy's Department Stores, CEO

7.3.6. W. James McNerney, Jr. The Boeing Company, President and CEO

7.3.7. Nelson Peltz Procter and Gamble (mutual board only)

7.3.8. David S. Taylor Procter and Gamble, Current CEO

7.3.9. Margaret C. Whitman Hewlett Packard Enterprise, CEO

7.3.10. Patricia A. Woertz 3M (mutual board only)

7.4. Microsoft Board Connection

7.4.1. Traci List-Stroll Mutual board only

8. Ursula M. Burns

8.1. VEON Ltd.

8.1.1. Andrei Gusev Deloitte (role unavailable)

8.1.2. Robert Jan Van De Kraats Deloitte Dijker van Dien (now part of PwC) (role unavailable)

8.2. Nestle

8.2.1. Ann M. Veneman U S Department of Agriculture (role unavailable)

8.2.2. Kasper Rorsted Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (role unavailable)

8.2.3. Kimberly Ross Chubb (role unavailable)

9. Kenneth C. Frazier

9.1. Merck

9.1.1. Inge G. Thulin 3M, President and CEO

9.1.2. Leslie A. Brun Hewlett Packard Enterprise (mutual board only)

9.1.3. Thomas R. Cech, Ph.D. Merck/Morgan Stanley (mutual board only)

9.1.4. Mary Ellen Coe Merck (mutual board only)

9.1.5. Pamela J. Craig 3M (mutual board only)

9.1.6. Rochelle B. Lazarus General Electric (mutual board only)

9.1.7. Paul B. Rothman, M.D. Merck (mutual board only)

9.1.8. Patricia F. Russo General Motors Company (mutual board only)

9.1.9. Peter C. Wendell Merck (mutual board only)

9.1.10. Wendell P. Weeks Merck (mutual board only)

9.2. Microsoft Board Connection

9.2.1. Hugh Johnston Worked together at Merck (VP of Retail)