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CRM Door Mind Map: CRM

1. Marketing

1.1. Marketing Automation

1.1.1. Questions Are you doing this today? What aspects of Marketing Automation are you looking for (e.g. email opens, content download tracking) Are other CRMs you're looking at have this built in? (Most likely no)

1.1.2. Options Marketo Hubspot

1.2. Campaign Management

1.3. Email

1.3.1. Questions What functionalities does your email client (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) lack that you'd need a CRM to make up for? Are you looking to run email blasts? Automated email sequences?

1.3.2. Options MailChimp Constant Contact

1.4. Deliverable Management

1.5. Event Management

2. Sales Reps

2.1. Contact Management

2.2. Opportunity Tracking

2.3. Opportunity Forecasting

2.3.1. Manual

2.3.2. AI/Machine Learning Questions Critical ML Needs? Value gained from AI/ ML? Options QSPs

2.4. Email Management

2.4.1. Outlook Email Integration Questions How does email integration add to value or increase productivity? What is at risk if email doesn't synchronize? Is the integration 1-way or bidirectional? Options QB Sync MS FLOW QSP

2.4.2. Send Emails with QB Data to Contacts QB Notifications

3. Finance/Accounting

3.1. Commission Tracking

3.1.1. Recurring Payouts

3.1.2. One-time Payout

3.2. Revenue Forecasting

3.2.1. Manual

3.2.2. AI/Machine Learning Questions How complicated is your current forecasting process? How much time does your current forecast process take? Is your current forecast process typically far off? Options QSP

4. Legal

4.1. Contract Management

4.2. Compliance Tracking

5. Sales Leadership

5.1. Reporting

5.1.1. Current Performance

5.1.2. Month-over-Month

5.1.3. 3/6/12 Month Rolling Avg

5.1.4. Data Visualization (PowerBI/Tableau level)

5.2. Lead Distribution

5.2.1. Manual Assignment

5.2.2. Round Robin

5.2.3. Territory Based

5.3. Pipeline Forecasting