Foreign Language Blended Course Development

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Foreign Language Blended Course Development 저자: Mind Map: Foreign Language Blended Course Development

1. Communication Technologies

1.1. Synchronous: Skype instant messaging VoIP

1.2. Asynchronous: email forum blog message board

2. Course Platform:

2.1. PDF with linked media files

2.2. HTML and embedded media files

3. Analyzing students' needs and developing objectives

3.1. Input: grammar notes topic selection cultural notes selection

3.2. Output: develop interactive activities

3.3. Task-based activities

4. Feedback

4.1. EOT assessments Students' feedback

4.2. Instructors' feedback

5. Instructors' Manuals and Training

6. Course Maintanance

6.1. Keeping up with technologies

6.2. Corrections based on students' feedback

6.3. Corrections based on instructors' feedback

6.4. Corrections based on students' performance

7. Creating Content

7.1. Grammar notes and relevant links

7.2. Daily online activities

7.3. Face-to-face activities

7.4. Multimedia: audio video flash cards interactive exercises