Interdisciplinary Inquiry

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Interdisciplinary Inquiry 저자: Mind Map: Interdisciplinary Inquiry

1. Anita Brooks Kirkland "Imagine Your Library"

1.1. "When students are encouraged to pursue their own interests and passions and are free to choose from a rich collection within an inviting environment they're motivated to read and their reading and depth of understanding improves"

1.1.1. This video would be helpful to show classroom teachers as a way to promote what the broader purpose of the LC is

1.2. Libraries should be "resource rich experimental learning spaces"

1.2.1. This video is inspiring for TL's - could be used at meetins

1.3. A library should be an invitation to broader life experiences

1.4. ONLINE SPACE: rich collections, resources to scaffold learning (inquiry . . . ), and authentic, collaborative learning spaces for readers and researchers

2. Waterloo Region DSB Learning Commons

2.1. VERY comprehensive site that has been built under the guidance of Anita Brooks Kirkland to serve as a Learning Commons to support readers and researchers - student and staff resources

2.2. Under RESEARCH tab . . . an amazing amount of information to support research process - useful for upper level students to work independently, and for teachers to use as a structure

2.2.1. Use information from this site as a model to develop scaffolding for my teachers and students to use during inquiry in our elementary school

3. "Planning for Authentic, Integrated Learning"

3.1. Series of videos to demonstrate planning, instruction, and assessment of teacher guided inquiry. Perhaps more structured than other inquiry models, but the big question is there, and the entire process would serve as a model for students to work toward their own inquiry projects.

3.1.1. Improved confidence moving forward as the inquiry expert

3.1.2. Use with teachers in the school or area schools who would like to conduct a study group

3.1.3. Use with TL's during monthly meetings, or between monthly meetings with a discussion on the UGcloud

3.2. Long process to work through the video series . . . but found it very worthwhile

4. UGTLA Inquiry

4.1. Site developed by an Upper Grand TL group to support TL's board wide. Provides resources and information about inquiry and the new Social Studies curriculum.