HRM contribution to Entrepreneurship

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HRM contribution to Entrepreneurship 저자: Mind Map: HRM contribution to Entrepreneurship

1. Theoretical lenses, used together

1.1. Resource and capabilities based perspective

1.1.1. building unique, difficult to imitate resources

1.1.2. strategic and dynamic capabilities created from combinations of organizational resources, processes and mngmt practices

1.2. Behavioural view

1.2.1. Ability, motivation and opportunity for individual and collective behavior in organizations

1.2.2. coherent system

1.2.3. autonomy and discretionary contributions

1.3. Social exchange

1.3.1. supportive relationship

1.3.2. reciprocal help

2. Duality of HRM and CE

2.1. Entrepreneurial Organization

2.1.1. proactive, risk-taking, innovative

2.1.2. Novel combinations of knowledge and capabilities

2.2. Ideas must championed through organization

2.2.1. Knowledge exchange

2.3. Two facets to corporate entrepreneurial process

2.3.1. Knowledge identification, acquisition/generation

2.3.2. Knowledge assimilation, evaluation and integration

3. Process Model--> Sustained competitive advantage

3.1. Environmental Antecedents

3.2. HR Systems

3.2.1. Knowledge Mngmt

3.2.2. Compensation and Incentives Mgmt

3.2.3. Policies and Design

3.3. Entrepreneurial Orientation

3.4. Entrepreneurial Moderatores/Facilitators

3.4.1. Absorptive Capacity

3.4.2. Ambidexterity

4. Future Research Needs

4.1. How do HR architecture contribute to ambidexterity?

4.2. Do different HR architectures help or hurt CE?

4.3. Issue of complementaries between HR architectures and capabilities that support CE