Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town

Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock WONDERFULLY Connected Short Stories, and This is How They are Connected.

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Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town 저자: Mind Map: Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town

1. cheetos

2. whose name is a flower

3. Alaska, Minnesota, Wyoming & Granville

4. Lazaria being arrested on TV

5. set on fire in dumpster

6. aunt works in Colorado

7. Finn's brother

7.1. did go to Alaska

8. Yellow rain coat & umbrella

9. Granville on matchbook

10. flowers in the parking lot

11. white teeth

12. thinks of getting a job at the Diuck-In

13. Alaska

13.1. Poppy

13.1.1. Elizabeth the Mermaid

13.2. Summer camp

13.2.1. hot dogs on the fire named for flowers

13.2.2. outhouses

13.3. Store clerk owners niece

13.3.1. runs a Summer Camp

13.4. white setting/snow

14. Pigeon Creek, Colorado

14.1. Ruby

14.1.1. goat eats flowers

14.1.2. plastic utensils plastic lunch tray

14.2. Jake

14.2.1. Martha Hollister Jane Gardenia Perfume Sex in a gazebo of liquor bottles

14.2.2. white VW

14.3. Coyote Jones

14.4. Fire Danger

15. Washington/B.C.

15.1. Martha Hollister

15.1.1. Sex in a gazebo of liquor bottles

15.1.2. Toothpaste

15.2. Jane

15.2.1. Jane saves a boy in BOOTS Conrad James postcard in pocket addressed to Ben

15.3. BOOT - severed foot

15.4. Outhouses

15.5. White hat

16. Wyoming

16.1. Delia

16.1.1. cowboy BOOTS

16.1.2. Granville on matchbook plastic plant

16.1.3. drinks ORANGE juice

16.1.4. GUM WRAPPERS ORANGE wrappers

16.1.5. Father Lazaria White robe white host wafer

16.1.6. church/alter boy/confessional incense

17. Lared, Montana

17.1. Jimmy Jeffs, store clerk

17.2. smoke from fire

17.2.1. from Colorado & Wyoming

17.3. Kelsey Randolph

17.3.1. Cousin Lillian at camp in Alaska writing postcards

17.3.2. white jerseys

17.4. crush

17.5. leather

17.6. ORANGE

17.6.1. heat

18. Granville, Colorado

18.1. Coyote Jones

18.2. Ben

18.2.1. knocked his head on a lantern that could have started a fire ORANGE heat

18.2.2. Hitchhiker wearing BOOTS Delia's backpack GUM WRAPPERS

18.2.3. Conrad James sister Lula smelled like ORANGES torn WHITE fabric Church/alter boy/confessional incense poem BOOTS Flowers

18.2.4. Postcard

19. Alaska

19.1. Camp Counselors

19.1.1. Amy & Fiona likened to a duck who lets water fall off her back

19.1.2. Evan & Maggie plastic will destroy the world

19.1.3. Lillian from Montana writing postcards

19.1.4. Finn from Colorado where the fire is

19.2. Nick & Franky

19.2.1. need plastic bags for their pants mom wears flowery dress

19.3. Campers

19.3.1. Poppy Elizabeth the Mermaid whose name is a flower from Colorado

19.3.2. Andrew backpack

19.3.3. give Fiona flowers

20. Pigeon Creek, CO

20.1. Jenny & Jade

20.1.1. Nate wanted to go to Alaska fire fighter ORANGE X on their door Tells Jenny to leave notes at the Duck-In

20.1.2. know Lazaria

20.2. Coyote Jones

20.2.1. charged with murder of Poppy's friend

20.3. Men who smelled like hot dogs

21. Pigeon Creek, CO

21.1. Louise

21.1.1. dated Finn Carson Finn's in Alaska Nate's twin Nate's a firefighter

21.1.2. Mentions Martha Hollister

21.2. Poppy's friend

21.2.1. killed by Coyote Jones

21.3. Addie

21.3.1. Izzy smelled like ORANGES

21.3.2. talks about her mom's BOOTS which are YELLOW

21.4. Isabelle & Gladys

21.5. Toothpaste

21.5.1. plastic will destroy the world

21.5.2. dated other Carson brothers

21.6. BOOTS

21.7. Tom Petty playing "You Belong among the Woldflowers"