How To Enjoy Our Living Moment

How to enjoy in the moment!Being present is becoming an increasingly complex commitment in our busy modern day lives.Have you ever traveled around the world, where you find people from different cultures… talking for hours and hours, even after you were done with your lunch, breakfast or dinner?That’s me. Learn more with this mind map. Mind Map made by Arpit Banjara

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How To Enjoy Our Living Moment 저자: Mind Map: How To Enjoy Our Living Moment

1. Being present

1.1. Have you ever traveled around the world

1.1.1. where you find people from different cultures

1.1.2. talking for hours and hours

1.1.3. even after you were done with your lunch, breakfast or dinner? That’s me.

1.2. I used to love sharing stories

1.2.1. listening to music

1.2.2. finding a way to connect with people

1.2.3. listening to people talk about their day their lunch, their families, etc.

1.3. Well, that used to be me

1.3.1. Being present is becoming an increasingly complex commitment

2. Live In The Now

2.1. Many years ago, back in my grandmother’s time

2.1.1. we used to have to wait to get tomatoes from farms so that we could use them for food

2.1.2. We had to go out and actually pick artichokes to cook for dinner!

2.1.3. we used to walk wherever we went rather than using a car

2.1.4. We even walked to the bank to deposit our money!

2.2. As a result, we did more living in the present moment

2.3. I thought there was a balance with work and life

2.3.1. until I saw the reality of day-to-day working life

2.4. we tend to try to fit so many things into our day

2.4.1. that our life ends up more rushed and hectic than ever

2.4.2. How does this happen? when technological inventions are supposed to save us time

2.5. To ‘Live In The Now,’

2.5.1. We Must Return To A Simpler Understanding Of Things

2.6. The truth is

2.6.1. people don’t slow down to enjoy the moment-to-moment

2.6.2. Slow Down And Enjoy Life Do Not Miss Where You Are Going

3. Reduce Some Of Your Commitment

3.1. Stop thinking that you can actually work more than 8 hours per day

3.1.1. or believing that you can actually pay attention to that one hour meeting!

3.1.2. You know what? Sometimes we can’t!

3.2. Become more effective by making sure that you stop overcommitting yourself at work

3.2.1. with friends, and in your hobbies

4. Get Some Sleep

4.1. Not getting enough sleep

4.1.1. is one of the enemies that makes you feel unenergized and unhappy

4.1.2. So get as much of it as possible!

5. Laughter – It’s A Healing Power

5.1. Make it loud

5.1.1. laughter does lots of good things for us

5.2. it improves your job performance

5.2.1. especially if you are solving complex problems

5.3. Laughter establishes — or restores

5.3.1. a positive emotional climate

5.3.2. sense of connection between two people

5.4. major function of laughter is to bring people together

5.4.1. Laughter fosters your brain connectivity

6. Make Some Space

6.1. Try to leave some time between your activities and meetings

6.2. If you need to decline a meeting

6.2.1. because you need some space that’s ok

6.3. Believe me

6.3.1. you will have plenty of time to catch up

7. Do It In Slow Motion

7.1. Whether you are talking to your friends

7.1.1. typing an email

7.1.2. cleaning the house

7.1.3. or making a cup of coffee

7.2. remember to take your time

7.2.1. and move slowly

8. Practice Self-Awareness Sessions

8.1. You can do this by yourself in front of a mirror

8.2. Ask yourself

8.2.1. “How are you feeling today?”

8.3. Identifying your feelings will help you take your next step

8.4. Most of the time

8.4.1. we don’t take any time with ourselves to slow down and understand our feelings

8.5. if we allowed ourselves more time and effort

8.5.1. we could manage those emotions better

8.5.2. communicate more

8.5.3. enjoy higher levels of happiness and peace

9. Do Less

9.1. Prioritize and work out what’s important

9.1.1. what really needs to be done

9.2. Do one thing at a time

9.2.1. and let go of what is not important

9.3. I try to use this practice when I am in the kitchen

9.3.1. and find myself trying to cook 2- 3 dishes!

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