Some Methods to Improve Focus (and HEALTH!)

Some Methods to Improve Focus (and HEALTH!). A Mind Map made by Anne-johan Willemsen at

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Some Methods to Improve Focus (and HEALTH!) 저자: Mind Map: Some Methods to Improve Focus (and HEALTH!)

1. Connect with positive others:

1.1. We are living in privileged times

1.1.1. we can connect with anyone

1.1.2. with a simple click of a button

1.1.3. but many of us feel more alone than ever

1.2. Human beings need social interaction to survive

1.2.1. simply being present can transform our life and reduce stress

2. Start Your Mornings with Some Form of Exercise:

2.1. to strengthen both your body and mind

2.1.1. start your mornings with some form of exercise

2.2. Whether it’s

2.2.1. walking

2.2.2. running

2.2.3. yoga

2.2.4. swimming

2.2.5. cycling or an early morning dance party

2.3. It will improve your blood flow

2.3.1. making you feel active

2.3.2. alert and strong all day long

2.3.3. and also gives you the motivation to accomplish the next goal on your list

3. Eat Meals That Contain Good Fat:

3.1. Did you know

3.1.1. your brain is made up of about 60% fat

3.1.2. and is the fattiest organ in the body?

3.2. it is essential that you consume enough healthy fats

3.2.1. such as nuts, avocados and coconut oil

3.3. Many studies have shown

3.3.1. a diet high in carbohydrates and refined sugars

3.3.2. will lead to impaired brain function

4. Make Notes:

4.1. Develop a habit of writing down your goals

4.1.1. and prioritizing the important tasks

4.2. It will motivate you to complete them in a timely fashion

4.2.1. along with creating a sense of discipline

5. Set Daily Goals:

5.1. Having long-term goals is great

5.1.1. but this shouldn’t take away your focus from your short-term goals

5.2. Setting short term daily goals is one of the best ways

5.2.1. to get things done at the right time with the required levels of concentration

5.3. It is the first step towards fulfilling your long-term goals

5.3.1. and keeping you fired up and motivated on the journey

6. Don’t Procrastinate:

6.1. Highly focused people do not procrastinate

6.1.1. and make it a point to push themselves

6.1.2. to do what needs to be done to get their tasks completed

6.1.3. as early in the day as possible when the energy is still high

6.2. So, if you truly want to improve your concentration

6.2.1. you must stop procrastinating and keep your mind on track

7. Stay Away from Useless Distractions:

7.1. our lives are hectic and full of low-value digital blabbering

7.2. we are surrounded daily by numerous distractions

7.2.1. From social media notifications to email alerts

7.2.2. that steal your productivity and focus

7.3. In order to improve your focus

7.3.1. you must make it a point to turn these notifications off

8. Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep:

8.1. Getting good quality sleep is one of the best things

8.1.1. you can do for your overall health

8.2. If you are sleep deprived all the time

8.2.1. it becomes very difficult to concentrate and accomplish your day to day tasks and responsibilities

8.3. You must strive to get 7-8 hours of quality sleep

8.4. Your mind and body needs sleep

8.4.1. to maintain optimal health and well-being


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