8 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You’re Stuck

I’m sitting at my desk. A blank Word document glares at me from my computer screen. The blinking cursor urges me to type something—anything. I have a large glass of water, a mug full of coffee and the “Deep Focus” Spotify playlist on in the background. I’m primed for work, but my brain’s just not feeling it.If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being self-employed as a writer, it’s that motivation is a complex and fickle beast. Some days, I’m in a groove—I can crank out articles left and rig...

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8 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You’re Stuck 저자: Mind Map: 8 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You’re  Stuck

1. Capitalize on your peaks

1.1. Identify times when you are most productive

1.1.1. for example: 7.30 am to 2.00 pm

1.1.2. Monday through Thursday

1.2. schedule the work that requires the most focus

1.2.1. during such time slots only

2. Give yourself small rewards for achieving tasks

2.1. If you’re struggling to accomplish certain tasks

2.1.1. give yourself a reward upon completion

2.1.2. These rewards can be large or small

2.2. For example

2.2.1. I set an income goal for myself each month

2.3. if I hit it

2.3.1. I’ll treat myself to something I’ve been eyeing

2.3.2. a nice dress, a handmade journal, a new cooking utensil

3. Practice leap frogging

3.1. rather than thinking about the work

3.1.1. think about how you will feel after the work is complete

3.2. think about how nice you will feel

3.2.1. imagine that celebratory cup of coffee sitting on my porch

4. Take a close look at your inner circle

4.1. Look at your immediate circle of friends and family

4.1.1. If there’s a theme of negativity, laziness or complacency

4.1.2. consider making some changes

4.2. Inspect your daily conversations

4.2.1. Are they uplifting?

4.2.2. If not, change them

4.3. Do those closest to you inspire you or drain you?

4.3.1. Make the shift as needed.”

5. Reset your mind

5.1. Let your mind focus on something other than work

5.1.1. Einstein took naps

5.1.2. Beethoven took long walks

5.1.3. Bill Gates washes dishes by hand

5.2. distraction and fresh challenges give your conscious mind valuable distance from your problems

6. Write it out

6.1. Journaling is a core tenet of mindfulness

6.1.1. and it can stave off anxiety, stress and depression

6.2. by helping us prioritize

6.2.1. clarify our feelings

6.2.2. and engage in positive self-talk

6.3. Make a Mind Map like this

6.3.1. this will you visualize your priorities

7. Find an accountability buddy

7.1. share your goals with someone else

7.2. If you simply have an idea or goal

7.2.1. there’s a 10% chance you’ll achieve it

7.3. By telling someone else you will do it

7.3.1. you increase your odds of completion to 65%.

8. Read about the success of others in your industry

8.1. When you read a biography

8.2. you learnhow they encountered periods where they felt stuck

8.3. It’s a great way to find inspiration

8.3.1. when you feel completely uninspired

9. Source

10. Benefits of Mind Mapping pdf guide download --->