Research and Planning: Role of the internet in distributing and marketing

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Research and Planning: Role of the internet in distributing and marketing により Mind Map: Research and Planning: Role of the internet in distributing and marketing

1. In terms of music, there are many platforms which can be used such as:

1.1. -iTunes: This is more exclusive for apple users. This is where you download music onto a device for a price.

1.2. Soundcloud: The website and app allows people (both amateurs and professionals) record and share their work.

1.3. YouTube: This is a website (and later an app) where users can share and upload videos which can be viewed.

1.4. Google play music: It is a music and podcast streaming website which is more commonly used by google and android users.

1.5. Deezer: Deezer is an online streaming service allowing users to stream music from EMI, Sony, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group.

1.6. Spotify: Website/app which allows music to be streamed online.

2. Distribution

2.1. Distribution: Distribution refers to how a company may get their product to their audience. This can either be in the form of the physical copy or a digital copy.

2.2. Digital Distribution: This refers to the way digital products get to their audience. In terms of media content this includes audio (including music), video games, videos etc. Usually in terms of digital distribution they are referring to the internet in terms of the source. The content can be consumed through views or streams.

3. Digital Marketing

3.1. Marketing: This refers to how to make the product seem appealing for audience consumption.

3.1.1. Digital marketing: This refers to the marketing of products/services using digital technology. The impact that digital technology has in terms of physical copy sales has been huge. Due to the rise in technology, there are less sales of the physical copy of products.

4. Digital marketing can be found...

4.1. On social media: Companies (such as record labels and management) and artists themselves.

4.1.1. This can include Twitter and Facebook accounts. This allows fans to interact with the artist and keep up to date. Social media has been key to digital marketing due to the rise in technology.

4.2. Technology such as phones: Due to technological convergence, phones are able promote themselves on a range of different platforms (apps) such as their website and spotify.

4.3. Digital marketing can be found in different forms such as videos (on YouTube), online posters, livestreams etc