Mobile Apps for the classroom

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Mobile Apps for the classroom により Mind Map: Mobile Apps for the classroom

1. Apps for the teacher

1.1. Class Dojo

1.1.1. Class dojo allows the teacher to track class behavior by giving or taking away points from students.

1.2. Evernote

1.2.1. Evernote is an app that simplifies note taking. It allows you to type notes and also add in pictures. I enjoy taking pictures of important things so this will allow me to add those in my notes.

2. Apps for the parents

2.1. WDWDT

2.1.1. What Did We Do Today? is an app that allows teachers to communicate with parents. It allows teachers to send messages to parents and also organize those messages.

2.2. PBIS Rewards Parent

2.2.1. Parents can get on the app and see how their student is doing at meeting PBIS goals.

3. Apps to teach shapes and colors

3.1. Doodle Math: Shapes

3.1.1. Students use this app to play with shakes and move them around. It also verbally teaches them the name of each shape.

3.2. Learn colors app shapes preschool

3.2.1. This app teaches kids their colors and shapes by giving them "games" to play.

4. Apps to teach math

4.1. Wee sing and learn 1, 2, 3

4.1.1. This app uses songs to teach children to count. It allows them to practice counting different objects and also has them view numbers.

4.2. Doodle Math: Numbers

4.2.1. This app helps students learn to count along with fun little critters.

5. Apps to promote small motor

5.1. Drawing for kids

5.1.1. This app allows students to use their finders os a stylus to color pictures. This promote small muscles in the hands that are needed for writing.

5.2. Little Writer

5.2.1. This app allows students to trace letters with their fingers or a stylus.

6. Apps to use as a fun reward


6.1.1. This app allows students to play Tic Tac Toe against the internet. This would be a fun reward.

6.2. Fish Food Frenzy Fun

6.2.1. Fish Food Frenzy allows students to get their mind off school work for a few minutes. Their goal is to eat all the fish that are smaller than them.