The Renaissance: Introduction

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The Renaissance: Introduction により Mind Map: The Renaissance: Introduction

1. What was the Renaissance?

1.1. A time when people took a new interest in Ancient Greece and Rome.

1.2. Humanism

1.2.1. Humans at centre of everything

1.2.2. Afterlife was everything in Middle Ages

1.2.3. Natural world and life on Earth

2. Why did it start in Italy?

2.1. Old Roman Empire

2.1.1. Ruins

2.2. Influence of Greek scholars

2.2.1. Turks conquered Constantinople

2.2.2. Greek scholars fled

2.2.3. Brought manuscripts

2.2.4. Latin and Italian similar so easy to read books

2.3. Wealthy Italian merchants

2.3.1. Asia had more advanced tech

2.3.2. New ideas, people critical of own

2.4. Independent city states

2.4.1. No overall King

2.4.2. More open to new ideas

3. Why were patrons important?

3.1. Patron

3.2. Florence people had a lot of money from trade and banking

3.3. Wanted to make city beautiful (proud of their city)

4. Who were the great patrons?

4.1. Cosimo de Medici

4.1.1. Rich businessman

4.1.2. Literature ^ they copied old manuscripts Platonic Academy Had public library in house Sent agents around Europe to monasteries

4.1.3. Arts Invited artists and inventors to house and work. Brunelleschi parish church + other public buildings

4.1.4. Ruler of Florence 30 years Made alliances enabling trade Cultural capital of world Republic

4.2. Lorenzo the Magnificent

4.2.1. Sportsman

4.2.2. Cosimo's grandson

4.2.3. Patron of arts + poet

4.3. Popes

4.3.1. France invades Italy after Lorenzo dies

4.3.2. Florence wealth reduced after involvement

4.3.3. Popes become main Italian patrons

4.3.4. Hired architects for beautiful churches