Eureka Productions - Opening

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Eureka Productions - Opening により Mind Map: Eureka Productions - Opening

1. Opening two minutes

1.1. Within our opening two minutes we don't want to give away too much information because we have watched a number of films and each one of them barely give the full story of the film - they keep the audience guessing. This is the technique which we are planning to use it will all make sense when the movie continues.

1.2. A few seconds of it, we are planning tow show Artie walking through a forest - this scene will act as his dream. The audience will be able to see this shot before Artie wakes up

1.3. When Artie wakes up he gets flashbacks of Mosir pushing him within a football cage, when he makes his way to school. This would allow the audience to question why this is happening and to see that Artie has problems, but instead he would rather be in a forest alone

1.4. After Artie gets up and the flashbacks happen, Artie gets changed, gathers his things together then runs downstairs to be greeted by his mother that is in the kitchen

1.5. Whilst Artie is getting ready, his mother is downstairs reading an NHS form, this form is information about the mothers illness - when she hears Artie she hides the information form because she doesn't want him to see it

1.6. Artie enters the kitchen and says hi to his mum whilst grabbing something, then hugging her goodbye - It is almost rushed so it gives the impression that he is late for school

2. Main Aim

2.1. What we want the audience to feel when watching this

2.1.1. Our main aim is to allow the audience to feel sorry for Artie because he does end up losing his mother and the only reason to why he has gone astray is to support his mother - when his mother gets better he does leave his evil ways however it still hunts him and effects his future

2.2. What is going to make our film a social realism film

2.2.1. The story line which we have choose is based on real issues that happen in today's current society, gangs, council estates - not being able to afford something due to the class you are and turing to the illegal, incorrect way in order to get money

3. Setting

3.1. Football cage

3.1.1. We were thinking to include a football cage that is located within an estate - this would be were Artie gets a flashback of mosir pushing him within the football cage. In this we would be able to see where Mosir hangs out and who he's with.

3.2. School

3.2.1. Artie and Hailey both enjoy school a lot and they love school. So including a scene of the school, inside the school or even school building is a must as the audience would be able to see how they preform when they're in school.

3.3. Home

3.3.1. Within the first two minutes, we want Artie to be getting out of bed and going downstairs to his mother - where his mother is reading an NHS leaflet regarding her illness and as soon as he comes, she hides it. The home is a must because through the home scenes we are able to portray how rich he is - we are planning to make the family look average (not rich however managing to survive). Were going to have to take the house into consideration we don't want to shoot the scene in a good house then it would portray Artie and his family as wealthy enough to afford the operation. A house that isn't perfectly set out - that the audience are able to see aren't wealthy.

3.4. Forest

3.4.1. We want to include a scene of Artie in the middle of a calm place so we have decided that a forest would of been a good place. To this we would be able to show how peaceful Artie wants to be and how when he wakes up his worries and the problems of life start.

4. Cast

4.1. Artie

4.1.1. Artie in an innocent guy that is all about his education and getting good grades. He invests majority of his time towards education in order for him to have a good future. Within the beginning of the film we are able to see what kind of character he is - innocent, hardworking and well behaved. However as the film presses onwards we the audience would be able to see a change in his behaviour as he finds out his mother is ill and requires £40,000 to be able to operate on her. Artie joins drugs and becomes a bad person that doesn't care about society however in some situations within the film we are still able to see his real personality despite all the dirt he does. Overall this character has to be shown as good hearted and the only reason for his behaviour is because of the situation he is in.

4.2. Hailey

4.2.1. Hailey is Arties best friend. When Artie is low he goes to her for moral support. Hailey is someone who is like Artie, she is kind hearted and treasures education. She isn't involved in bad things and she believes in if you do good, good things will come to you.

4.3. Mosir

4.3.1. Mosir is the included with being the main character. He is someone that introduces Artie into gangs and violence. His personality within this film is going to be snake like and rude. Mosir would do anything for money and ends up beaten Artie up within the end because he feels as if Artie shouldn't have just left him without a warning. Mouser's character type is selfish as he puts himself first before anyone else and because he gets Artie into this problem. So the main feel were looking to go for with Mosir is selfish, greedy and snake like. An very bad influence.

4.4. Sapphire

4.4.1. Sapphire is the mother - Artie's mother. Within this film we want Sapphire to be regarded as a loving mother that would do anything for her son. Although Sapphire wouldn't appear so much within the opening 2 minutes or the film we still want the presence of her love for her son to be there.

5. Camera Shots

5.1. Close up shot

5.1.1. We are looking to use a range of shots, a close up shot is going to be used within our two minute opening to really emphasis the emotion on our characters face. So that we are able to give a clear view to the audience.

5.2. Tracking shot

5.2.1. This is the type of shot that is used when the camera man is following a character. We plan to use this when Artie walks into school and when Artie is making his way to school (when he has a flash back of Mosir).

5.3. Point of view shot

5.3.1. This is the shot we are planning to use when the mother is reading the NHS form - so it gives the audience a view from the characters point of view

5.4. Long shot

5.4.1. We have decided to use this shot within our two minute opening, when Artie is in the forest (also including jump cut). This is so that we give a bigger picture so that the audience are able to see Artie's surroundings

5.5. Medium shot

5.5.1. This type of shot will be used a lot in order for the audience to be able to see the scene clear and so that we can show off the costume of the character at that scene and the mise-en-scene

5.6. Other Shots

5.6.1. We are planning to used different types of shots and angle that fit our scene as well as possible. We are going to include more shots and angles when we are constructing our story boards and shot lists.

6. Other Ideas (maybe)

6.1. Including videos of him and his mother in the past in order for the audience to see and understand how close Artie was to his mother and when she ends up dying it creates more of an impact.

6.2. Having the opening as a voice over, about how Artie's life changes. It starts off in a dark room while Artie is next to a window, all the audience are able to see is his shadow

6.3. Starts off with a number of action scenes with the duration being 3seconds for each shot, when it hits 1 minute 50 seconds that is when Artie wakes up, the audience will think its a nightmare however as the time goes on the audience are able see that those scenes are real