The way of Shadows

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The way of Shadows により Mind Map: The way of Shadows

1. Point of view

1.1. Third Person Narrating

1.1.1. Durzo Blint "Durzo Blint pulled himself on top of the small estate's wall and watched the guard pass. The perfect guard, Durzo thought: a bit slow, lacking imagination, and dutiful." "The wetboy slid into the room, using his talent to soften the sound of his footsteps on the hardwood floor"

1.1.2. Kylar Stern "The nightmare started when Azoth woke. 'Good morning' Rat said. 'How's my favorite little guttershite?' "The darkness was as close and cold as the dead's embrace. Azoth squatted against the alley wall, hoping the night wind covered the sound of thunder in his heart."

1.1.3. Logan Gyre Logan stepped away from a match he was losing and Solon followed him. The steward gave Solon a flat stare, but didn't protest his presence

2. Tense

2.1. Past Progressive

2.1.1. Action going on at a certain time in the past "Logan had insisted on going upstairs to help the countess take care of young Kylar Stern."

2.1.2. Actions taking place at the same time

2.1.3. Action in the past that is interrupted by another action

3. Main characters

3.1. Protagonists

3.1.1. Kylar Stern Previously known as Azoth Main character Grown up in the Black Dragon Guild Wants to become an assassin wetboy to save his friends from the guild Dies in the end and gets two options, live immortally or go to heaven or hell

3.1.2. Jarl Best friend of Kylar Saves money so Kylar can become an assassin wetboy

3.1.3. Elene Cromwyll Previously known as Doll Girl Girlfriend of Kylar

3.1.4. Logan Gyre Left by his dad to be the Lord of House Gyre A humble man ho doesn't want his privileges as a Lord After their meeting he becomes the best friend of Kylar

3.2. Antagonist

3.2.1. Roth Ursuul Previously known as Rat Used to be the Black Dragon Guilds fist Kylar attempted to assassinate him but he survived Leader of the Vurdmeisters The Vurdmeisters are an army of soldiers that fight for Roth After Roth's death the Vurdmeisters take over Celenia Dies in the final confrontation with Kylar

3.3. Anti-hero

3.3.1. Durzo Blint Seen as the best assassin in town Trains Kylar to be an assassin In the end he is forced to fight with Kylar He loses the fight and dies

4. Themes in the book

4.1. Death

4.1.1. The main story of the book is war and assassinations

4.1.2. If you don't join a Guild early on in the Warrens you're gonna have a bad time

4.2. Love

4.2.1. Kylar and Elene have a romance

4.2.2. Logan Gyre is a married man

4.3. Politics

4.3.1. The country is ruled by a monarch

4.3.2. Behind the throne a criminal organization manipulates the King

4.4. Criminality

4.4.1. The King is manipulated by a criminal organization

4.4.2. The Warrens are lawless

4.4.3. The Guilds are about stealing and scavenging money

5. Symbols in the book

5.1. Metaphor

5.1.1. "The darkness was as close and cold as the dead's embrace"

5.2. Simile

5.2.1. "Rat's face was so rage-red his pimples only showed as a scattering of white dots."

5.3. Connotation

5.3.1. "You know, you're about as smart as a box of hair"

6. Author

6.1. Brent Weeks

6.1.1. History Born in Montana, America, March 7th 1977 Graduated from Hillsdale College Degree in English literature

6.1.2. Book series Night Angel 1. The Way of Shadows 2. Shadow's Edge 3. Beyond the Shadows Lightbringer 1. The Black Prism 2. The Blinding Knife 3. The Broken Eye

6.1.3. Jobs English teacher Bartender Full-time Writer