Tools for the Classroom

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Tools for the Classroom により Mind Map: Tools for the Classroom

1. Communication Tools

1.1. Crisis Go- Emergency Response plan with all teachers rosters and emergency contact info downloaded into a smartphone or tablet

1.2. Remind- Messaging app built for education to reach parent and students where ever they are,

1.3. Edmodo-Safe social networking between teachers, students, and parents

1.4. Twitter- Social Network and great way to communicate with parents, students, and community

2. Collaboration Tools

2.1. Kahoot!-This is for Android tablets. This app is a game based learning platform that will have your students 100% engaged

2.2. Google Drive- Teachers and students can share documents and files,

2.3. Padlet- This can be used for teachers to gather questions and comments from students or students can create projects with it.

2.4. Skype-Allows students to collaborate with students from other schools or countries,

3. Video Tools

3.1. iMovie-Let's students or teachers be creative in storytelling or movie making

3.2. PicPlayPost-An app that let's students make a movie by combining videos and still shots,

3.3. iMotion-Allows students to be creative by making a time-lapse or stop motion video with this app,

4. Audio Tools

4.1. Audio Note- Basic note taking app students would be able to listen to notes at a later time,

4.2. Evernote-Note taking app that you can sync with all of your devices,