Mobile Apps Mind Map

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Mobile Apps Mind Map により Mind Map: Mobile Apps Mind Map

1. Apps for Understanding

1.1. Evernote: this app allows students to conduct research, take notes, and read excerpts efficiently.  It helps students maintain organization as they learn about various topics.  The link is here:

1.2. MarginNote: this app allows students to interact with texts in amazing ways.  Students can annotate what they are reading to help build there understanding or to raise questions about what they're reading.  The link is here:

1.3. Audible: this app is great for auditory learners; the app will read audio books (and other sound bites) to you.  This will help students who may have trouble with reading.  The link is here:

1.4. Mic'd: this app allows students to record with great quality and control.  This is great for students to use during class if a lecture is occurring.  This will allow students to hear anything that is taught, even if they are at home or away from school.  The link is here:

1.5. LitCharts: this app comes from the makers of Spark Notes.  With this app, students have access to free reading guides.  The guides help students better understand complex themes and guide them to a higher understanding.  The link is here:

2. Apps for Creating

2.1. Google Doc: this app allows students to create, edit, and share online word documents from their mobile device.  Students may then save their doc and access it from their Google Drive.  The link is here:

2.2. StudyBlue: this app allows students to create flashcards to aid in studying.  Students take the information that they will be tested over, and they create interactive flashcards in the palms of their hands.  The link is here:

2.3. Seesaw: The Learning Journal:  this app allows students to create digital portfolios.  Students can organize assignments, pictures, art pieces, etc. into a neat and clean digital portfolio.  The link is here:

3. Apps to keep students organized

3.1. inClass: this app allows students to keep track of their homework and class assignments.  The app will send notifications to the student about his or her upcoming work.  The link is here:

3.2. Google Drive: this app allows students to access their Google Drive from their smart phone.  Students may open, share, and view documents that are located within their drive from anywhere.  The link is here:

3.3. 30/30: this app is a task manager that helps students manage their time with accuracy.  This app marks off time slots for students to work and time slots for a break.  This helps students who have trouble managing their time.  The link is here:

3.4. Remind: this app allows teachers to communicate with students and their parents safely and quickly.  There are a variety of settings and options for how this communication works, and it works great, especially in higher grades, when outside communication and involvement can be difficult.  The link is here: