Classroom Tools

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Classroom Tools により Mind Map: Classroom Tools

1. Math tools:

1.1. Khan Academy- math resource that has videos to watch and solve.

1.2. Virtual Manipulative- app that students use manipulative to solve math problems.

1.3. Thinking blocks- multiplication, division, fractions- students learn how to solve problems using blocks.

2. Science Tools:

2.1. 3D4Medical- app for the human body.

2.2. Earth Viewer-tool that allows students to view what earth looked like over the millions of years.

2.3. SkyORB-app that lets you look at space, observe planets.

3. Organizational tools:

3.1. Evernote-app that syncs all tools and helps with organizing.

3.2. TeacherKit- app that helps organize class and students.

3.3. SymbalooEDU- app that allows you to organize your websites into one location.

4. Video Tools:

4.1. Video science- app that has multiple videos of science projects.

4.2. Teaching with Technology Video Library- app that has a large selection of video of classroom instruction.

4.3. Brain Pop- app that has short, engaging videos for several content areas.

5. Tools for Teacher/Student/Parent Contact:

5.1. Edmodo- teachers and student connected and share info.

5.2. Twitter- information tool. http://www.twitter

5.3. Class dojo- parent contact, behavior tool.

6. Special Education tools:

6.1. Spell Better-app that helps struggling students with spelling, writing, word awareness.

6.2. Birdhouse- app that helps track behaviors, organize medicine, and other important information.

6.3. Class Gather Special Education- app that helps gather data on behavior/engagement.