Albrecht Dürer

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Albrecht Dürer により Mind Map: Albrecht Dürer

1. Major Figures

1.1. patrons

1.1.1. Geoffroy de La Tour-Landry 45 woodblocks for Der Ritter vom Turn, von den Exempeln der Gothsforcht und Erdarkeit

1.1.2. Sebastian Brant 116 illustrations for Das Narrenschyff

1.1.3. Frederick the Wise portraits engravings painting altarpiece

1.1.4. church Jakob Heller altarpiece for Dominicans of Frankfort increase in wages to 130 guilders, argued by Dürer painted central alone

1.1.5. Emperor Maximillian I Nuremberg visit 1512 Triumphal Arch small Triumphal Chariot 1518 to Triumphal Procession Book of Hours of Emperor Maximilian I one page illustrated by greatest artists in empire 28 june 1518 drew emperor's portrait

1.2. masters

1.2.1. Father (Goldsmith)

1.2.2. Michael Wolgemut 30th November 1486 competed 1489

1.3. apprentices

1.3.1. worked on woodcuts for text commissions Hans Suess von Kulmbach remained in Nuremberg close to Dürer Hans Baldung added fixed wings to Paumgartner Altarpiece left by 1509 came in a journeyman Hans Schäufelein painted Passion Altarpiece left by 1507

1.3.2. worked form sketches to produce drawings Wolf Traut Hans Springinklee

1.4. influences

1.4.1. Martin Schongauer died prior to Dürer's arrival fourth brother goldsmith

1.4.2. Andrea mantegna

1.4.3. Antiquity nude figure Greek Mythology

1.4.4. Giovanni Bellini

1.4.5. Willibald Pirckheimer humanist friend

1.5. Family

1.5.1. parents father goldsmith mother

1.5.2. wife

1.5.3. 1 of 18 children brother metal smith

2. Places

2.1. Italy

2.1.1. trip one Venice autumn 1494 traveled therough

2.1.2. trip two Venice late summer 1505-1507 travel to Rome Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I to Bologna interview to learn linear perspective

2.2. Germany (Holy Roman Empire)

2.2.1. Nuremberg 1495 permanently est. focus on drawing & printmaking forst to take up engraving in city

2.3. Journey Year (Wanderjahre)

2.3.1. Netherlands

2.3.2. Colmar

2.3.3. Basel

2.3.4. Strasbourg

2.3.5. Whitsun summoned be be married Agnes Frey, daughter of coppersmith

2.3.6. first trip to italy

2.4. netherlands

2.4.1. 1520-21

2.4.2. Charles V new HRE maintenance of stipend granted in Cologne November 12 1520 Direr visited Antwerp, Brussels, and Mechelen, coronation also coronation in Aacen

2.4.3. return to antwerp after coronaiton base to visit Zeeland, Bruges, Ghent

2.4.4. 2 july 1521 return home stopover in Brussels

2.4.5. had been accompanied by wife and maid

3. Mediums

3.1. prints

3.1.1. woodblocks cross hatching

3.1.2. engravings drypoint

3.2. paintings

3.2.1. Oil Panel linen

3.2.2. Watercolors Gouache

3.3. Drawings

3.3.1. pen & ink

3.3.2. charcoal drawing

3.3.3. Silverpoint

4. Works

4.1. secular

4.1.1. Portraits self portrait age 14 age 20ish age 20 something year 1500 age 28 family parents wife commissions Tucher Family Portrait of a Young Man 1506 Burkard form Speyer 1506 Young Woman in Venetian Constume 1505 Emperor Charlemagne and Emperor Sigismund 1510-13 Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg 1524 posterity of scholars

4.1.2. study figure Nude or draped relationship with space male and female Nature landscape Virgin with a Monkey 1498 House on an island in a pond Rhinoceros 1515

4.2. religious

4.2.1. Crucifixion 1490

4.2.2. St Jerome in his study imprint Nikolaus Kessler

4.2.3. st Johanniskirche 1494

4.2.4. Virgin and Child

4.2.5. series The Apocalypse Four Horsemen 15 block series Life of the Virgin

4.2.6. seven sorrows of the Virgin 1498 expanded workshop/apprentices

4.2.7. Commissions Lamentation Margreth Glimm, wife to Albrecht Glimm, goldsmith Paumgartner Altarpiece, triptych, 1502 Paumgartner Family central panel wings

4.2.8. Adoration of the Magi, 1504

4.2.9. Passion series, 1504 pen & ink wash green prepared paper

4.2.10. Adam and Eve engraving idealized figure and proportions

4.2.11. proportions of figures and animals st eustace 1500-02 knight, death and the devil 1513 Large piece of Turf 1503

4.2.12. Virgin of the Rose Garlands 1506 German Confraternity of the Rosary at St. Bartolommeo in Venice Pope & Emperor kneel before the Virgin

4.2.13. Christ among the Doctors 1506

4.2.14. Presentation in the Temple development of proper linear perspective, vanishing points, delineation into space

4.2.15. Adam and Eve Paintings 1507 two panels

4.2.16. Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand frederick the wise

4.2.17. Landauer altarpiece last by Dürer 1511for Matthias Landauer

4.2.18. engraved Passion series 1508-12 15 prints ss peter & john healing the lame man 1513 intended for collector

4.2.19. small woodcut passion series 1510-11 37 images story of man's salvation form The Fall to The Last Judgement Published in book form

4.2.20. Large passion woodcuts, 1510 4 blocks

4.2.21. Protestant works Four Holy Men 1526 ss John Mark Peter Paul

4.3. copies

4.3.1. Bacchanal with a Silenus

4.3.2. Tritons Fighting

4.3.3. Death of Orpheus

4.4. unsigned trial

4.4.1. prints Great Courier Conversion of St. Paul The Ravisher Holy Family with a Dragonfly

4.5. texts

4.5.1. Passio Christi ab Alberto Dürer, 1511 explanatory text by Benedictus Chelidonius, Nuremberg Benedictine

4.5.2. Passio domini nostri Jesu 1511

4.5.3. 1525 published manual on praportions

4.5.4. 1528 mesurant proportions publishied

4.6. Master engravings

4.6.1. Knight, death, and the devil 1513

4.6.2. St Jerome in his study 1514

4.6.3. Melencolia I 1514

5. practice

5.1. secular works

5.1.1. engravings

5.2. religious works

5.2.1. woodcuts

5.2.2. paint

5.3. paintings

5.3.1. oil or tempera

5.3.2. chalk ground on wood ground softwood or lime wood Nuremberg poplar Italy oak Netherlands

5.4. Media