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The Count of Monte Cristo Charter Web により Mind Map: The Count of Monte Cristo Charter Web

1. Edmond Dantes & Aliases

1.1. The Count of Monte Crist

1.1.1. This is dante' after he got his money and got out of jail

1.2. Edmond Dante

1.2.1. A young French sailor that got put imprison for 14 years Hes a handsome, honest , humble seaman he wanted revenge against his enemies

1.3. Sinbad the Sailor

1.3.1. The banker that gave the man the money aka the count of monte crist

1.4. Abbe Busoni

1.4.1. the man that protected Valentine when she was getting

1.5. Number 34

2. Dante Allies

2.1. Abbe Faria

2.1.1. The man dante meet in jail showed dante how to get the money for when he breaks out

2.2. Giovanni Bertuccio

2.3. Luigi Vampa

2.4. Ali

2.4.1. Monte Cristo's mute Nubian slave

2.5. Jacopo Manfredi

2.6. Haydee

2.6.1. Edmond Dantes brought her when she was 13 antes purchases her and falls in love with her

3. Morcerf Family

3.1. Mercedes Mondego

3.1.1. Edmond Dantes' fiance; marries Fernand while Dantes is in jail

3.2. Fernand Mondego

3.2.1. He got dante put in jail then he goes into the millarty and sold out french also got blood money

3.3. Albert de Morcert

3.3.1. Morcerf son of Fernand and Mercedes abandons his father with Mercedes

4. Danglars Family

4.1. Bardon Danglars

4.2. Madame Hermine Danglars

4.2.1. Danglars wife involved in a never ending string of love affairs which bring her husband to financial ruin

4.3. Eugenie Dannglars

4.3.1. danglars daughter

5. Villefort Family

5.1. Geard de Villefort

5.1.1. The blindly ambitious public prosecutor responsible for sentencing Dantès to life in prison illefort stands out as Monte Cristo’s biggest opposition as he employs his own power to judge people and mete out punishments.

5.2. Renee de Villefort

5.3. The Marquis and Marquise de Saint-meran

5.4. Valentine de Villefort

5.4.1. Valentine public prosecutor's daughter in love with Maximilien; poisoned by her stepmother

5.5. Monsieur Noirtier de Villefort

5.5.1. public prosecutor who sends Dantes to jail has affair with Madame Danglars goes insane when Monte Cristo allows almost his whole family to be killed

5.6. Edouard de Villefort(Edward)

6. Morrel Famly

6.1. Pierre Morrel

6.2. Maximillien Morrel

6.2.1. Hes friends with the count

6.3. Julie Herbault

6.4. Emmanuel Herbault

7. Others

7.1. Gaspard Caderousse

7.1.1. neighbor or dantes father knows danglars plot but does not intervene inadvertently reveal truth when dantes returns

7.2. Louis Dante

7.2.1. Dantes' father starves to death while dantes is in jail

7.3. Baron Franz d'Epinay

7.4. Lucien Debray

7.5. Beauchamp

7.5.1. well known journalistwell known journalist;; Albert's good friendAlbert's good friend

7.6. Raoul,Baron de Chateu-Renaud

7.7. Monsieur de Boville

7.8. Barrois

7.9. Monsieur d'Avrigny

7.9.1. doctor treating Villefort family doctor treating Villefort family

7.10. Ali Tebelen (Ali Pasha)